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Budapest or Dubai?

Budapest or Dubai?

Quote: (11-05-2018 11:00 PM)banderas Wrote:  

JimBobs, I am going the last week of November. So , I also thought about the weather. Do you think is too bad for the date in Budapest? That issue is keeping me from going to Poland or EE, as Zamfir suggests, but happy to hear from European members about how bad is the weather (and the game) at that time of the year. I just thought Budapest should be better than other central/EE in that regard ...and with pretty girls that speak english...but I read some bad comments here that makes me wonder.

On the side of Dubai. I am curious about that city and all the hype. And the weather should be great, which is a big plus. I guess I can play somehow the rich man game,.... but solo, and I have the feeling that “rich game” will lead only to pros or semi-pros in that city. I think if I go to Dubai, I will just enjoy the show, which is not that bad for one time in life...and maybe I am lucky.

Lot of comments! I appreciate that. Still hesitant, so.., good to get more!

I was there over the near year period, was anywhere between -7 and about 5 degrees over the few weeks I was there, the city looks phenomenal with snow though, makes a very beautiful city even more stunning, imo. I imagine in November the weather would be cold but tolerable. I will also say that I found the baths/spas to be way "cooler" in winter, something about sitting in hot water while there is steam everywhere around you is so much cooler and there was maybe 10% as many people there which is also a massive positive.

Also worth noting that a few of the museums and the like do their maintenance over Winter so if there are any there that you're particularly keen on it's probably worth a google.

It really depends on what "bad" weather is for you, I flew from Russia to Budapest on that trip and the weather seemed great but the city had a much livelier and more fun vibe in Summer and Spring when I was there and if the above mentioned is too cold for you then it's worth knowing.

I found the women very attractive, especially their brunettes with the darker skin but still coloured eyes, personality wise I found them to be willing to talk and the level of English as good as anywhere that far East that I've been (because Hungarian is such a limited language they learn English to high levels).

Budapest is one the few cities that I've been to that after a month or two there I felt like "I could live here and be happy long term", just a really cool city, imo.

Budapest or Dubai?

Dubai is the best places to enjoy rather than Budapest.
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Budapest or Dubai?

Budapest or Dubai?

Why not Zambia or Canada?

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