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Anyone take Viagra with Peyronie's Disease?

Anyone take Viagra with Peyronie's Disease?

Quote: (11-07-2018 12:25 PM)Shemp Wrote:  

Congratulations on going through with the doctor's visit. That wasn't so bad, now was it? So now you have solid facts to work with rather than bro-science about coconut oul and whatnot.

Yes, and a mild case. 50mg Viagra will turn a weak erection into a strong one, thus giving you your confidence back. In the long run, you need to figure out why these girls don't excite you that much, because that's the real issue, in my opinion.

Make sure to fully hydrate while using Viagra, otherwise you'll get a splitting headache. Urine should be clear white before taking it, in other words.

Not so bad I suppose, it is over. Now I can focus on showing my cocks to women instead of male doctors. [Image: tongue.gif]

I think I know what part of the problem is.. 1. porn. 2. masturbation. I can go 5-6 rounds at home in one day, and used to be able to do that and then go out and fuck. Age, probably is playing a role in that and I need to reverse that... I generally try not to Masturbate at least 24 hours before I plan to have sex, and in most cases have had no issues with this, but starting this year I think I have been overly horny, not masturbating, but thinking about sex all day long and then find I cannot get hard for a girl.
I know there are tons of threads here about this, so I am not going to turn this one into another, I have to figure out a way to curve that.

I also think more sleep, better nutrition will assist.

With Viagra, thanks for your recommendation, if I do decide to take it I will make sure I hydrate more, though generally my urine is already fairly clear.

Quote: (11-07-2018 10:30 PM)BBinger Wrote:  

Props as well for consulting the doctor. Sounds like you have a plan of action and confirmation from a medical professional that a little bit of pharmaceutical help might be the answer.

In general overmedication is a bad thing, and I personally don't have strong opinions on the diet matter though some people have big improvements with specific diets so they will have to make the case for them (but with straight keto diets outside of epilepsy and some other neurological disorders keto genesis can lead to a lower baseline energy level in the mid to long term). If you have a specific problem and a medication addresses it... that's what medicine is for. The way the medical profession exists ideally is to give you the outside opinion that "yes, there is a problem" and hopefully "this intervention can alleviate the problem." Sure some people take this to the extreme and drug their kids into being robots, but if the intervention improves your quality of life you should give it a try.

Testosterone replacement is trickier because it's plugged into a feedback loop where foreign testosterone is going to suppress your own production of testosterone, which means if that is an issue lifestyle changes ought to be the first course of action considered. Giving viagra a trial is maybe a week to figure out if it works. Testosterone replacement is at least 3 months to get onboard (though some benefits may happen within the first day) and 6 months to get back to normal off of if you want to go natural. In your case the unnatural chemical viagra is easier to trial and drop if necessary than the natural testosterone is.

I agree, I do not want to medicate at all if I can help it. I am a little surprised to hear about what the Keto diet might do. I am not overweight, but with age am starting to get a little round and I want to get rid of it and also have more energy. I eat sugar. I hate it, it is fucking additive. I go in cycles with that shit. I love chocolate, but it has to be a little sweet, trying to change to dark with no sugar, it is hard. But I need to do it. I will do some research on paleo instead, I saw someone in here recommending that, but now I cannot find it.

I am hoping I don't need to deal with any testosterone issues. I weight lift once or twice a week for about an hour each time, plus some walking. I hate exercise in general, but I know I have to do it, not only for sex issues, but for overall health. And there are some hotties at the gym, so... it's nice motivation.

Quote: (11-07-2018 11:04 PM)ManOfTheTimes Wrote:  

Weighing in and hopefully adding some value to the thread:

1. I'm not really sensing a "I'm gonna wreck the next decent pussy that comes in my direction until she can't walk" vibe from your post. I'm of the strong opinion that medium-heavy lifting for men in our range will get and keep that vibe for you. If you've never had that intense feeling of wanting to hunt for and physically dominate a women sexually, ask yourself why. My guess is that you don't keep your T-levels up high enough by lifting and/or engaging in highly competitive activities (for me, it's recreational ice hockey).

2. Adopt a "No Orgasms Without a Woman Physically Present" Policy. Period. Full stop.

3. Limit your use of the blue pill until you get the proper Sexually Dominant Man mindset. When I use the blue pill, it's mainly when I expect to banging some younger woman all night and I make a bet with her that I can make her tap out. Making sexually overly confident women submit is tons o' fun.

4. If you're in this game long enough and banging scores of high n-count women, you're going to catch something. Bank on it.

For your #1... I am conservative. Don't really talk much about going out to wreck a pussy. But the weight lifting bit is helping shore up a better look, and I am liking it. Feeling better,with less pain in certain areas and hopefully helping with the ED issues. I don't much like exercise, but as above, I know it is necessary. You might be right that weight lifting might not be enough...

#2, I have read some info here that guys are going 90 days and I am thinking that has to be incredible hard. But might be necessary.

#3., I see.

#4. I would rather not catch anything. I had a scare two weeks ago with a sore throat, got a Gono test, negative. Wore condom, but licked her. I know there are risks, but am trying to void the mass majority of them.

My username stands for, I Love Pussy. Unfortunately when abbreviated it sounds like S***. Admin, if you have any heart, allow me to change it? LOL

Anyone take Viagra with Peyronie's Disease?

Hi guys. I dont know where to post this, but where do you buy viagra/cialis in europe? Ive already been scammed once with a fake website. Thanks if anyone has any reccomendations

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