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Working in stressful jobs

Working in stressful jobs

it is only worth it if you can invest it.

Working in stressful jobs

Quote: (10-28-2018 01:39 PM)Vincent Chase Wrote:  

Let the cucks cuck and run themselves to the ground.

Great quote! [Image: bigsmile.gif]

With that said when you are young (aka in your 20s) your body can deal with a lot of pain. Without going overboard to total burnout, depression, drugs, or self destructive cycle this is the time to see where your tolerance is but also learn what high stress is all about. This is also the time to make some significant gains in your career and skills.

As you approach 30 then you will have experience and hopefully some options. You will understand what it's like to work hard for something as well as working hard for nothing or for someone else. With the momentum you have from you 20s then you can choose a more balanced career/lifestyle.

Yes the cucks will cuck but you also don't want to be in your late 50s with no savings, retirement, or in poor health. In the end it's all about balance.

The way I see it as long as I have good health, enough $ to keep a 1 bedroom condo in a safe and clean city, and no stress I don't give a shit about anything else when I'm 60. Not having to rely on others and being able to keep a happy and positive demeanor for life at the end is winning. Few get that.

Working in stressful jobs

Quote: (10-29-2018 01:14 AM)BlackFriar Wrote:  

I work for a major transportation company in the USA. I have been in the same position, for 18 years. I am the lowest paid position in my department. My hourly wage is just less that $27 an hour. I have a pension plan that I pay almost $600 a month into. We have vacation time. But it takes 17 years to get 4 weeks and 25 years, to get 5 weeks.

I have stayed in this same position. I am #1 on the seniority roster. I could have days, with weekends off. But I chose to work nights now. There are other jobs at this place that make $90-100,000+ a year (with overtime.) But those jobs work crazy hours.

The last 3 years, we have had 9 employees quit my position. 3 have quit this year and one guy is off on mental stress leave. (He was served divorce papers, walking to his car in the parking lot after work. And he had a mental break down in the parking lot.)

My company has a large amount of business, but the head office is rolling out a new plan to reduce the work force by 10-20% and try to maximize already 1 Billion dollar profits, per quarter.

People keep quitting. The company does not hire enough people to fill positions. I am working all three shifts each choice. I am working 50-70 hours a week.

I am happy to have a job. I am one of the few people that does not come to work, hating their life. Things are not perfect, no matter what you do in life. But I am learning how to handle things and not feel depressed, like every one else.

But I am at the point where I need to make a few descisions: I turn 40, next year. I bought a brand new car and a motorcycle and racked up some other debts. I can get out of my fanacial situation in a short amount of time. But do I want to stay in this position for at least another 20 years?

I have good attendance. I work more than my share of overtime. I stopped people from catching on fire at work and saved some equipment from being damaged a few times from people not doing their jobs. I got letters of commendation for doing these things too.

But when I finally started applying for other positions at my work, I have been told all three times that I have worked here too long by HR in the inteviews . I was told this again, just a few weeks ago.

Right now, jobs are plenty and I am still a relatively young man.

Do you stay at the same company, just for the supposed carrot they dangle in front of you? Or do you take risks and do not doubt or look over your shoulder, in regret, and push out into other areas?

My gut instinct is to pay off my debts, take a vacation and travel and come back and find new employment.

I think this is what I have to do. I know it!

100% Pay off your debt. That should be your only focus in life financially. Debt is slavery in every possible sense, it cuts into your wealth, it shackles you to a job, and it keeps you from investing and having independent income. Even if your debt is at Zero interest, you are still obligating part of your paycheck to something that does not give you interest. It clouds every single decision you make in life, whether you realize it or not.

Good luck, I keep reading that there are a lot of jobs out there. Don't forget to look at jobs on, that place has some good opportunities in there.

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