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Lesson from a rat

Lesson from a rat

Quote: (10-24-2018 02:26 PM)Jefferson Wrote:  

Dude, he's not talking about whether some girls can't masturbate. He means that a woman can have sex with a man any time she wants because men are always thirsty for sex. Hence they live in a world of abundance, like billionaire rock stars. Being a woman is like being a billionair rock star in terms of sex availability.

In a away it's a miracle some girls are as chaste as they are and only fucked six guys. They could fuck 60 in a year. Easy.

Not always.

There is people, men and women, that can't get excited easily. So, girls don't have too many options.
Men are not always thirsty. If men not, women less.

Having a abundance of ugly girls behind me it's not abundance for me.
So, I think it's the same for many good looking girls.

Lesson from a rat

Quote: (10-24-2018 03:48 PM)Shemp Wrote:  

>>The point of the story is that you do not have any excuse to not get laid.

Of course I applaud anything that discourages self-pity and especially whinging on forums, which is what is implied by "do not have any excuse". However, for a lot of guys, the cost of the Rat's approach machine tactics wiil not be justified by benefits received. Read the "is daygame the worst way to meet women" thread. Approach machines with little to offer and high standards do not do well. Even when guys have a lot to offer, shotgun approaching is not such a great tactic if standards are high. Game is more complicated than that. When high quality girls in a bar see a guy getting blown out right and left, they make a mental note to turn away when he approaches them. It's been like that since forever. If this didn't happen with Rat, the 7's you say he got is probably 4's in my eyes. Maybe not physically 4's but definitely not right in the head. For most guys, the better tactic, for both night and day game, is wait for an IOI, especially sustained eye contact, then approach if the girl interests you.

>>Maybe an abundance of nothing they want, but the leverage it affords them is anything but.

I agree in part. If we assume that what girls want is mostly to feel desired, and secondarily to actually have sex, then thirst from men she doesn't find sexually attractive can possibly satisfy that first want. The second want (for actual sex) is low in many women. Not in all, of course, but in enough to tip the playing field completely in women's favor.

But men mostly want to score with hot babes and only secondarily to actually have orgasms. Proof of this is that orgasms are easy to obtain for anyone who can masturbate, which means most men and some women, which implies thirst for orgasms is not driving men's obsession with sex.

In other words, both men and women mostly want validation, but women get validation prior to sex and men get validation with sex, which puts women in the stronger position, because as soon as the man proposes sex, the woman gets her validation and has no incentive to proceed further.

Men can fix this by changing their mental frame, so that they feel validated by IOI's rather than actual sex. When you receive an IOI, you are validated. So walk away without approaching. You win, the woman loses. Then jerk off at home to satisfy any desire for orgasms. Is this mental change possible? For some men, yes, but probably not all. But if it is possible, it gives you an enormous advantage.
You are right, and understand the thing well.

Lesson from a rat

Quote: (10-24-2018 02:55 PM)BadBoyGamer Wrote:  

The 'rat' is an extreme example. He did approach every somewhat attractive girl without any hesitation. And in most cases he got rejected instantly. It took multiple venues to get a result. Sometimes visits to the same venue to test out earlier potential prospects. In the smaller venues he was done in the time it took me to order a beer.

The point of the story is that you do not have any excuse to not get laid. If this 'rat' can fuck girls then you can do as well. And you are likely to do much better; Your sheets are clean.

There are plenty other 'rats' around. Most do have clean sheets, use soap and aftershave. Most 'rats' are good looking guys. Some are crazy eyed midgets. Some are PUA's.

In general, in 10 girls, I just find 3 attractive.

So, I have many reasons to not get laid with any woman. Of course, I have more important reasons to get anything with the other 3 girls.

That's not the point. I don't know about where you live, but for me a hooker would cost me less money than approaching a 5-6HB in a bar. This without counting the time.

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