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how to make a few bucks on the side

how to make a few bucks on the side

Hey guys,

this community here gave me many ideas and helped me through a lot. There are so many people here with a lot of knowledge, wisdom, etc. I decided that I want to give something back. Yes it is now nothing outstanding, but let me share a few ideas with you and who knows perhaps someone might find it actually useful.

1) Use shortlinks; shortlinks may be annoying, however if you find a good niche or some good pages online you can use them to your advantage. I must admit that I never made a lot of money online or at all... but with shortlinks I had first good results. Within the first week I already had 1/2 Dollar...sure it isnt much but after 5 bucks you can take it to your paypal account and hey, there is still room to grow.

2) Parking spots; parking spots are a good investment depending on the location. Check for like 6 months at least how the prices per m2 evolve and if it actually makes sense for you to buy a parking spot. Let's say you find a parking spot within a big city, there are not many other parking spots and the city council didn't talk about any parking house project. These are optimal conditions for a good short-term investment and trust me you can make good money with it. Pro tip: If the parking spot is on the side of a street, divide it, so that you can rent it to 2-3 motorcyclists.

3) Bitcoin faucets; they are so easy to build and there are many free scripts available. Yes, you need to get traffic, but spreading it once or twice a week, giving consistently good rewards and have a page that loads fast will be a good start. Pro: tip use the traffic on your faucets! Show a few shortlinks and get the clicks on your shortlinks

4) P2P lending; wanna go out clubbing? Stop clubbing for a few weeks/months and use that money for P2P lending. One concrete example is Bondora. Use a first 100€ (or any amount of money you can AFFORD to lose) in order to discover all the features of Bondora or any P2P lending page. You might lose them but after you get used to the functions and terminology, it might be a good way to make a few bucks on the side.

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