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The ideology/life philosophy of Vuco and his Apostles

The ideology/life philosophy of Vuco and his Apostles

My fellow gentlemen, I wish to introduce you to an entirely new, unknown world that most of you have never even heard of before. The world of machoism, the very essence of alphaness and masculinity, the finest of spit roast lamb and the finest of women... the world of SiniĊĦa Vuco (also known as Spirit Guard, Admiral Butcher, General Vasilij Mitu), a man whose soul is as deep as ocean and whose dick is as hard as the rugged mountains of his beloved homeland.

[Image: vuco-vs-vasilije-mitu]

Now, you might ask after googling his name, why would I care about some random Eastern European singer? Allow me to explain the culture and context surrounding this demi-god which you folks coming from the Anglosphere never had the chance to see due to language barrier. This is a man who has his own cult following, whose followers call themselves "Vuco's apostles" and live by the creed of "Vuco, whores and spit roast lamb". This is a man who ran for president with the intent to legalize prostitution. This is a man who has more illegal guns than your average African paramilitary group. This is a man who publicly called feminists "unsatisfied old hags who just need a good cock" on the national TV. This is a man who says it how it is, who isn't afaid of calling out women on their shitty and hypocritical behaviour, who makes songs that are so red-pilled you can overdose on them. This is a man of the people, a man who chopped up a spit roast lamb on a concert stage with an axe and threw it at the audience so that they can eat. Allow me to share with you some of his most famous quotes which are repeated by his Apostles like a true religious mantra:

Vuco: "Feminists are sexually frustrated, those are the women who weren't properly satisfied so now they keep nagging. If they had a proper fucker, they'd be happy women who cook lunches at home. All these feminists are divorced, is a single one of them married? .... And you know what? This is what's going on today, if I were a woman, I wouldn't give up my cunt on the first night either, but do you know what's the worst? She (the perfidious woman) pretends that she's polite and plays hard to get in front of some TV anchor, cameraman, singer, sportsman, other high value males, but when he goes home she ends up with some filthy junkie who sniffs glue and pumps her with god knows what instead of a proper cock.. fuck thy mother, you're playing tricks on decent people while this trash is fucking you the whole time. That annoys me, brother.... "

Some of his other famous quotes include:

"Everyone who does not like Vuco - their cocks are impotent"
"I have more guns than the army, I walk around Split (his hometown) like an armored vehicle, like a tank. Fuck thy mother!"
"Women are neccesary evil and they are lucky we don't have an alternative. Alright, we have an alternative - wank it off, but fuck it, we don't have a real natural alternative. So we have to train them like wild beasts. You cannot tame her completely, just train her to the best of your ability"
On his music and the weird mixing of genres - "I am a style in itself, there is nothing like me in world music", "I can't feed my three children with heavy metal"

Vuco is a man who single handedly breached the media censorship. For some 10 years, the entire media apparatus declared him persona non grata and he, in turn, decided to ignore the media and fuck their mothers while his following slowly grew into cult-like status on social media. In 2000s, facebook pages named "Vuco, whores and spit roast lamb" started sprouting like mushrooms after rain which caused real concern and moral panic because young Vucoists from all over the country were planning drinking events, sharing Vuco's wisdoms, reveling in his songs and outing the biggest sluts from their towns, schools and workplaces, sharing their nudes and numbers. Basically, it was the most spontanous congregation of red pill memes after 4chan. Since some of those girls were underage, the police got involved and there was all kinds of bullshit. Meanwhile, in those dark and dismal days Vuco made an absolute hit song about a 40 year old man being in a relationship with a 17 year old girl:

Since I've already ventured into his discography, I might as well tell you a few words about it. All of his songs have amazingly insightful and educative messages.

"When I leave, do not cry
Another one will come to love you
Do not cry because the end is nearing
The night is cold and my star is losing it's glow

The heavens call me up to the clouds,
away from the shimmering sea and our beloved coast,
But just for tonight, kiss me and hold me close
Oh darned destiny, you're taking everything away"

A manly tear was shed and fuck thy mother to whoever thought that Vuco can't be romantic. His lyrics are deep, DEEP and full of soul. While he started off as a heavy metal ballad musician, he soon developed his own sound where he started mixing metal vocals and instruments with melody resembling Balkan/Oriental rythms which caused both huge controversies and a surge in popularity because he offered something new and different. Namely, to truly understand the social context, everything Balkan/oriental was frowned upon in the 90s in his country because of Yugoslav wars, those sounds were associated with the "enemy", which earned him all kinds of labels. He, of course, didn't give a fuck and was the first to popularize that kind of music. He even made a song in english but he unfortunately never reached his domestic popularity in America (a true shame for the whole world) because, in his own words "those were the times when 9/11 just happened and those fuckers thought I was some taliban"

That is it for now, since I didn't even convey 5% of his messages and tell you the best anecdotes, I might update this thread later. For now, let us all just bask in his glory.

The ideology/life philosophy of Vuco and his Apostles

Not sure if Vuco belongs in this section, maybe more in Everything Else, but he's a hilarious red pill figure for sure. One of the very few remaining in Croatia, sadly.

I translated that first video to English a few years ago (just turn on subtitles):

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