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Random Questions about Game 101

Random Questions about Game 101

As I am going on with my game journey , I encounter many stoppage points. Trying to find answers for those stoppage points , I found too many answers even some of them are conflicting . I hope the senior members here help me find answers to those questions :

1-You should act rapidly or boil the frog. Sometimes, I think if I acted fast, I will come across as needy who hits on every girl gave him sign . Is this right mind set ?
2- Persistence vs. over pursuing . Where is the fine line between both ?
3- Girls with boyfriend . Should I pursue or not ? Most of girls now they have “BF” . I think I’ll be limiting my options if I backed away from every girl with boyfriend . Thoughts please ?

I hope those questions got answered so they will be there for another newbie

Random Questions about Game 101

The questions are very general in nature, so I'll try to give general advice as well.

1) It depends on the medium (face to face, tinder, facebook messenger), environment (club, bar, park, library), the time, the city&country (how DTF girls are, what's appropriate and what's not), but most importantly on the girl herself. If she is slutty or half-slutty, attack mercilessly. If she's average (neither excessively slutty nor prudish) in demeanour or style of dressing, give her some space to see if she'll ask you something interesting, call you first, text you first etc.
If she's prudish, well, 9/10 times she's just acting while she's actually sluttier than the average girl, so fuck it, attack.

Otherwise, just use common sense.
If you're in a nightclub, sure, open any girl who gives you an IOI. Nobody cares, no one will judge you.
If you're a college student and are attending a class for a whole semester with 4 pretty girls, well, then it might not be wise to bombard them with messages and hit on all of them at the same time (you might end up not fucking any of them) - HOWEVER, if you fuck one of them and word goes out that you're capable, you get popular, then it's actually advisable to chat and lightly flirt with multiple girls - they'll go crazy for you.

Just don't start flirting with 5 girls in the same class without establishing yourself as a cool guy.

As to speed, we live in a quick era. More often than not, being straightforward pays off. Girls' tendencies to play retarded games for weeks or months have been dropping recently: they want to screw as much as we do.

2) In my opinion, the line between persistence and overpursuing is exactly where your game ends.
Not always, of course, but hear me out. My thesis is that these things depend, and can not be objectively defined.

Imagine that a good friend of yours dropped a witty comment or a joke during a meeting or class. You would've laughed. Now imagine someone you can't stand saying the exact same words. You would have whispered "fucking retard trying so hard to be funny."

Same shit said or done by different people is interpreted differently, depending on how much they appeal to us.

If a tall, handsome, manly college football player is being a total cunt over a girl and waiting for her with flowers and chocolate in front of her house at 7AM every fucking morning, her heart will melt down and the whole town will know how great he is within 2 days.
Now imagine an average or, God forbid, a less fortunate guy doing that same thing.
He would've been labeled a creep, a psycho, desperate, trying too hard.

If your game is tight, you're alpha as fuck, she likes you, everything is ideal, then you could even go all the way to the border of being a cheesy, desperate beta (COULD, not should), and she'd still see you as a cool guy whom she wants to fuck. The hamster would reason "He's such a cool guy, doesn't take shit from anyone, but he is so cute and open and-and-and vulnerable in front me. That's so adorable. Please just take off my panties."

If she doesn't like you at all, it's vice versa, only top level game, looks or personality will compensate for things about you that she doesn't like.

If she is as of yet indecisive about you, well then you'll have to judge by your experience, and you gain that experience, among other things, by overpursuing girls and being pathetic. It's great if you've passed that phase when you were 16 years old; it's not if you're in it at 25. Good thing is, you also have this Forum, eh?

So, if you're overpursuing her... at least be ripped, be cool, wear good clothes, have a confident gaze and a decent hairstyle.

To conclude: in my opinion, overpursuing and persistence are two subjective sides of the same coin. If you're a cool guy and the girl likes you, you'll come off as persistent (unless you totally fuck up and cause a universe meltdown by doing something outrageously beta).
If you're averagely interesting or she doesn't know you yet, then watch what you're saying and doing - always keep your dignity and manhood. That should stop you from overpursuing. If you see she's not reacting well to your, so to say, chasing, cease all operations.

The better the player you are, more beta the shit you can do and get away with. Doesn't mean you should do stuff like chase, give out flowers and all that shit unless warranted by a very specific case, but you could do it and come off as "persistent" and manly, instead of "creepy" and beta.

3) The thing is, most of the girls who say they have boyfriends don't really have boyfriends.

If she looks at least half-slutty, just be arrogant and treat it as a shit test.
If she looks and behaves decently, but the information was not conveyed to you rudely, you don't have the feeling she's telling the truth, she's probably also shit testing you.

If she really has a boyfriend and is a decent girl, she will let you know.

Otherwise she'll - people are not dumb, so isn't she - let you continue gaming her.

Random Questions about Game 101

Thanks , man . This explains a lot .

Random Questions about Game 101

1) Always Be Closing. (ABC). Move as quickly as you can. "Hitting on a girl" is stupid. Approach girls properly.

2) There is no line. Approach a thousand girls. You think that is a lot? You are wrong.

3) All girls have a "boyfriend". You do not want to be a boyfriend. Boyfriends are like pets. Ignore and proceed.

Read a book about Game. Roosh sells books. Duh!

Only three ways to do something: "The right way. The wrong way. Or my way. Obviously my way is best."

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