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Memetic Tribes (Armies) and Culture War 2.0

Memetic Tribes (Armies) and Culture War 2.0

I'm talking memes, but not dank ones... memes as originally coined by Richard Dawkins in The Selfish Gene. Anyway, I was reading an article about 'The Reactionary Right' on the dreadful progressive site Vox by that twat Ezra Klein. I actually can't remember how I ended up on it. However, within it was a link to a genuinely well written and very interesting article on Medium entitled 'Memetic Tribes and Culture War 2.0'

I think overall it's pretty balanced. Though it's really bloody long, and this is just a few sections. But as soon as I was an 1/8th into it, I thought "I'm putting this on the forum"... this thought was solidified later on, and you'll see why at the end of the post. We're definitely not going unnoticed, people who research this stuff and future scenarios read this place, no doubt.


Until the last few years, it made sense to talk in terms of a red tribe and a blue tribe when describing political affiliation. The red tribe was right-wing, populist, nationalist, religious, concerned by terrorism, and valued sexual purity. The blue tribe was left-wing, globalist, internationalist, secular, concerned by global warming, and valued sexual freedom. They had fundamental disagreements about what America (or the West) was, what it needed to become, and how to get there. They even had a culture war. However, this dichotomy no longer provides a sufficient map of the political territory we find ourselves in.

Enter memetic tribes. We define memetic tribes as a group of agents with a memeplex that directly or indirectly seeks to impose its distinct map of reality, along with its moral imperatives, upon other minds. These tribes are the active players in the new culture war. They possess a multiplicity of competing claims, interests, goals, and organizations. While the red and blue tribes were certainly far from monolithic, in the current decade any claim to unity is laughable. An establishment leftist who squabbles with the right must contend with mockery from the Dirtbag Left. Meanwhile, the Dirtbag Left endures critiques from Social Justice Activists (SJA) (Teedub note: I don't know why he doesn't use SJW), who in turn are criticized by the Intellectual Dark Web (IDW). The trench warfare of the old culture war has become an all-out brawl.


Below are some further comments and our speculations on how the tribes will evolve in Culture War 2.0.

SJA (as above: SJW): While this tribe engages in full-out war with other tribes, they continue to make gains in legacy media, corporate HR and PR departments, and government institutions. With increased embeddedness of SJA values in institutions and corporations, expect a right-wing countervailing response. Also watch for a fight to define leftism against class-first analysis.

Black Lives Matter: This tribe has made a large impact on the cultural landscape, but has not yet made an impact on government policy. Watch for potential conflicts with masculinist black nationalists and the “leaving the plantation” narrative of Candace Owens. Also, keep a look-out for BLM to distance themselves from white allies capitalizing on wokeness.

#MeToo: Perhaps the fastest growing tribe in recent times, it has moved quickly to redefine the social consensus. Watch for further revelations concerning men in power, followed by more conservative and reactionary backlash.

Gender-Critical Feminists: The feminists left behind by trans-inclusive feminists are fighting an uphill battle inside the left. Watch for future mixing with non-left tribes, and more offline culture war.

Modern Neo-Marxists. Neo-Marxists, while still alive and well in a critical capacity on University campuses, have lost significance since the fall of the Soviet Union. Communism is seen across the political spectrum as discredited. However, given the rising popularity of Democratic Socialists, the memes that Marx birthed could see a revival. If Neo-Marxists can offer a compelling narrative and escape the capitulation and nihilism of Accelerationist thought, then they might be able to piggy-back on the DSA’s popularity. Watch for Douglas Lain’s Zero Books imprint to capitalize on this opportunity.

Antifa: Even without identifiable chieftains, Antifa has played an important part in the culture war, and continues to benefit from people’s fear of Trump and dissatisfaction with mainstream responses. Watch for the normalization of a violent offline culture war.

Occupy: The tribe that coalesced around radical leftism, hope, and physical presence has been shattered. Dormant, it lives on in the 99% meme and in the pages of Adbusters.

DSA and Dirtbag Left: The drama of the Bernie campaign and dissatisfaction with the lack of leftism in the Democratic Party has led to a surge in a radical wing of the American left. The ironic fringe still rests at the top of the podcasts, and the push for mainstreaming socialism has been growing ever since Trump’s election. Watch for further infighting with Social Justice Activists.

Optimists: In reaction to the polarization and catastrophizing they see on both the left and right, this nascent tribe has coalesced around the idea that the world is in fact improving, and whatever challenges society faces can be solved through the institutions and values we currently hold. Watch for an increased presence as neoliberalism converts libertarians and shifts to be embraced as a contrarian ideology.

Establishment Left and Right. The zeitgeist of our times gives the palpable sense that the establishment left and right are dramatically on the decline, especially amongst millennials and Generation Z. Those in power within the establishment are experiencing increased pressure from rapidly rising elements within their parties. Democratic and liberal parties worldwide are contending with socialist and far-left elements. Conservative parties have seen populists and illiberal democrats take over. And everyone, everywhere, has been blindsided by the rise of white identitarian and nationalist elements. Watch for these tribes to make a last grasp at power during the 2020 elections in America.

New Atheists and Street Epistemologists. The atheist tribes are indirect participants in the culture war. Their shared objective is to attack the religious truth-claims and plant doubt in the epistemic methodology of believers. The New Atheists lost the relevance they had during the Bush Era when the “Four Horsemen” had great popularity, but their impact has been felt in the noosphere. They contributed to the religious right’s defeat in Culture War 1.0 by weakening it on philosophical grounds. The Street Epistemologists are the New Atheists potential successor in Culture War 2.0.

Rationalist Diaspora: Incubated on Overcoming Bias and LessWrong, this is an observer tribe in the culture war. Though similar to the New Atheists in that they prize rationality, they do not define themselves in opposition to religion. Thanks to the strength of Eliezer Yudkowsky and Scott Alexander’s writing, and the beliefs and epistemic virtues of the diaspora, they command increasing respect in the culture war. Watch for a popularity boost to Effective Altruism, a struggle with the downsides of increased attention, and possible pressure by the SJAs for the Rationalists to commit to progressive values.

Post-Rationalists. This is another observer tribe, and possibly the most interesting one. If the rationalist motto is “the map is not the territory, but it is important to create the most accurate map possible”, then the post-rationalist motto is “the canvas is not the territory, but it is important to create the most interesting canvas possible.” This observer tribe has the potential to generate innovative solutions to the seemingly intractable problem of the differend.

Integral Theorists. Ken Wilber, who lost some momentum in his “Wyatt Earp” incident, is steadily gaining a strong following amongst cultural influencers. Like the Rationalists and Post-Rationalists, Integralists are an observer tribe. Unlike them, they have a teleological narrative that instills existential hope. This will be a tribe to watch for if it moves away from its observer capacity and becomes more active in the war.

Sorters and Intellectual Dark Web. Jordan Peterson is the common denominator with these two tribes. One of the most important figures in Culture War 2.0, his central message in the war is an emphasis of free speech and the importance of truth-speaking. His followers, which we dub the Sorters, mostly comprised of young men, are attracted to Peterson’s style and his message of personal responsibility. The “Intellectual Dark Web”, coined by Eric Weinstein, consists of a group of thinkers who have experienced what they view as thought policing by political correct elements of the left. With the ever-increasing popularity of Peterson’s brand and platforms such as Quillette, the Rubin Report, and the Joe Rogan Experience, watch for both of these tribes to gain further members and make a strong push for a return to a classically liberal centre in the culture.

Benedictines: With a religious right increasingly subservient to Trump, it is becoming incumbent for Christians who put faith first to organize collectively. This memetic tribe is aware of its own mortality and is putting survival before the culture war. Watch for a siphoning of disillusioned Christians and rightists.

Christian Right: The religious right is quickly transitioning into a nationalist right. The culture war goals of the Moral Majority have largely been set aside in favour of punishing the left via Trump. Unless there is a public evangelist revival, watch for this to dissolve into Trumpists and Benedictines over the next few years.

Tea Party: Since its decline began after the 2013 government shutdown, this tribe has largely been subsumed by the Trumpists. Watch for a continued decline in libertarian activism as believers drift towards Trump or neoliberalism.

Trumpists: This new tribe makes up for a lack of experience and policy through power and “high-energy”. They are engaged in a fight for control over the mainstream perception of conservatism with a blindsided establishment right. Watch for a push for votes from racial minorities and a scramble to stay in line with Trump’s thought.

InfoWarriors and QAnoners. These are the conspiracy theory tribes of the Culture War. Alex Jones and InfoWars represent “established” conspiracies such as the New World Order and Illuminati. With his manic energy, Jones has successfully turned conspiracy into a profitable business. QAnon is a grassroots emergence of conspiracy theories originating on /pol/. Given the intense passion their reality tunnel engenders, we speculate that QAnon will grow amongst Trumpists and will be censored on social media platforms, which will only further fuel its growth.

Alt-Lite, Alt-Right, and Modern Neo-Nazis. These three tribes are concerned with issues surrounding white people and are often lumped together by the mainstream media, but they are actively fighting amongst themselves (“punching right”), in order to create distance and avoid conflation. The Alt-Lite would be quick to point out that they are less defined by white identity and more by western chauvinism, an unapologetic view that western culture is the best. Watch for massive fluctuations and changes in the composition of all three of these tribes and a continued fight amongst themselves to gain adherents.

Neoreactionaries: This semi-dormant tribe has partly been subsumed into the Alt-Right. Lack of public direction from its key figures has led to a decline in influence. Watch for Nick Land’s return to the blogosphere and keep an eye on Social Matter and the Hestia Society for a potential revival.

MRA, Manosphere, MGTOW. Like the dissident right tribes, these masculine tribes are usually lumped together. Like the far-right tribes, these masculinist tribes also signal to create distance amongst themselves. The Manosphere, the largest of the three tribes, reached its peak around Gamergate and has lost momentum due to their lack of a non-hedonistic strategy, and due to men’s attention being drawn to the message of Jordan Peterson. See a continued declined with these three groups unless new voices emerge.

Incels. These self-described involuntary celibates could be placed in the masculinist cluster, if not for their view of themselves as “black-pilled” instead of “red-pilled”. They agree with most of the descriptive views of the masculinist tribes but see their situation as radically hopeless and unfair. The belief space of more extreme adherents has more in common with the violent rage of terrorist groups like ISIS than any of the memetic tribes listed above. Copycat attacks mimicking Elliot Rodger and Alek Minassian might grow in number unless a memeplex emerges that can inspire and provide meaning to sexually unsuccessful males in society.

Anyway, it's an incredibly long article and I'd love if some of the heavy hitters could dissect it.

Lastly, here is a spreadsheet which lists all the different tribes, their motifs, enemies, and ideological roots. And, most importantly — you shall find the name of this very forum and its proprietor if you go to the bottom and scroll rightward... Far right, you lovely, fantastic bunch of literally Hitlers. Let's continue making waves. [Image: grouphug.gif]

Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit upon his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats. - H L Mencken

Memetic Tribes (Armies) and Culture War 2.0

I'm quite pleased to be in the tribe with you all, though I confess to being tempted by the alt-light and team peterson at times.

I disagree that we lack a non-hedonistic strategy. The idea that there were seasons to a man's life really took off in 2015 if not sooner, you can see the tonal shift in ROK articles, this forum, the reddit community, etc. There are lots of figures on youtube trying for that 'new voices' spot but I'd put my money on a figure from this forum rising to prominence. The ROK hiatus does indicate a certain slowing of momentum admittedly, but surely there are plenty of other sites for our writers to post on.

Memetic Tribes (Armies) and Culture War 2.0

You don't need to be set into one box. I'm manosphere, alt-light AND alt-right... all to varying degrees and depending on which topic. Hell, I'm not in any of those groups in terms of environmental views... it's more about the general proliferation of the forum into the MSM.

Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit upon his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats. - H L Mencken

Memetic Tribes (Armies) and Culture War 2.0

Nice read. Especially for relative newbies like myself. After unplugging, finding your way around and making sense of all these factions is totally bewildering, it helps to see it all categorised like this. At least you can make a start by establishing what tribe you don't belong to!

One thing that jumped out for me though;

'The Alt-Lite would be quick to point out that they are less defined by white identity and more by western chauvinism, an unapologetic view that western culture is the best.'

Not sure if I'm Alt-Lite or not, but I'd change that to read '...western culture is the best for them (the Alt-Lite)'

I suppose it's the difference between identifying with Nationalistic world-views (which I do) and Supremacist ones (which I don't).

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To worry about history’ – Tim Allen

Memetic Tribes (Armies) and Culture War 2.0

Very basic article but it does map out some of the current online landscape.

Dr Johnson rumbles with the RawGod. And lives to regret it.

Memetic Tribes (Armies) and Culture War 2.0

Does anyone really identify as a "Post-rationalist"?

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Memetic Tribes (Armies) and Culture War 2.0

Quote: (10-12-2018 05:59 AM)Handsome Creepy Eel Wrote:  

Does anyone really identify as a "Post-rationalist"?


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Memetic Tribes (Armies) and Culture War 2.0

This is a stupid article. Weaving into distractions, plunging into pointlessness.

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Father Karras: I think it might be helpful if I gave you some background on the different personalities Regan has manifested. So far, I'd say there seem to be three. She's convinced...

Father Merrin: There is only one.

Stop playing the narcissist game and looking for someone to give you a brand to paste on your forehead. Punch left.
Stop fucking admiring or sneering at the colours of your brothers' feathers. Punch left.
Stop reading shithole media. They exist to support whatever the Establishment line is, and the Establishment is socialist. Punch left.

The rest is horsehit, navel gazing, making you think you're more important than you really are, stopping you from making you what the Right is going to have to become if it wants to win: committed to the idea that there are things bigger than us in the world and that we are insignificant but required parts of those things, those principles, those institutions.

Until the last few years, it made sense to talk in terms of a red tribe and a blue tribe when describing political affiliation. The red tribe was right-wing, populist, nationalist, religious, concerned by terrorism, and valued sexual purity. The blue tribe was left-wing, globalist, internationalist, secular, concerned by global warming, and valued sexual freedom. They had fundamental disagreements about what America (or the West) was, what it needed to become, and how to get there. They even had a culture war. However, this dichotomy no longer provides a sufficient map of the political territory we find ourselves in--


Father Merrin: Especially important is the warning to avoid conversations with the demon. We may ask what is relevant but anything beyond that is dangerous. He is a liar. The demon is a liar. He will lie to confuse us. But he will also mix lies with the truth to attack us. The attack is psychological, Damien, and powerful. So don't listen to him. Remember that - do not listen.

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Memetic Tribes (Armies) and Culture War 2.0

Well I thought the article was interesting enough to share, and a good read — certainly not "basic". It's not trying to make you sign up to anything, to a tribe, merely pointing out the tribes that there are. And it does it successfully, as Richard Turpin pointed out above.

Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit upon his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats. - H L Mencken

Memetic Tribes (Armies) and Culture War 2.0

My comment on the article:

[Image: giphy.gif]

The globalist machine controls and finances everything from the far-left to the "Intellectual Dark Web" and the "conservatives". That is about as far right as they go. Then they add their shitty agents to fuck up the real right - plenty of Neonazis as well as guys like Kessler from the Alt-Right (who was an avid Obama supporter just a few short years ago).

Anyone who has an inkling of the reality of the world knows that those guys are about a Hegelian dialectic and their end-goals are not even in sight. They push certain ideas, then backtrack a few steps, then later it's more pushed forward.

And the one writing this crap is more akin to a Petersonian classical liberal, but clearly left-leaning. Peace man - yeah - go suck on peace while the globalists continue hammering their Brave New World.

You had various political movements in the 1920s and 1930s in Europe - Germany and even the UK was divided massively. But let me remind you - Britain had an actual alternative party wanting to reform the monetary system called the Greenshirts. They had massive rallies and had zero support from above - they were in fact more dangerous to the elite than the Nazis who got at least globalist funding and support all throughout up until the very end.

It shows you that the current online thought movements are nothing new - the elite mainly cares about the ethno-nationalistic groups, the neo-masculine ones and some of the smarter conspiracy minded. Of all those the ones repeating the demographics issue are the most dangerous in the West, because the NPCs and semi-woken ones don't know how far the West will be destroyed by demographics - it will be truly utterly wiped out and so this has to be kicked out of every topic.

The globalists by the way are only doing this:

[Image: attachment.jpg40293]   

They are mainly concerned with cutting off the biggest most dangerous thought criminals - the rest of incels, cuckservatives, left, far-left, Muslims, Alt-Lite etc. they can stay. Also this guy's view of Red vs Blue is also in the NPC category - as if the cucks on the right had conserved anything since the 1930s onwards.

Memetic Tribes (Armies) and Culture War 2.0

The article reminded me of those two leftie intellectuals who also call for a way beyond the left-right paradigm.

In truth they may be right, but in reality this is actually unnatural - there are always opposing forces working in the world. It's either the conservatives dominating Hollywood or media (as was the case from beginning until 1950s) or it's the progressives and cultural marxists.

I think what they are attempting is to go BEYOND and unify it under their totalitarian thought control - then they claim that they represent everyone while in reality they just move more to the right as the most radical SJWs and then everyone thinks they are getting into a compromise. But no - Soros himself said that the current left went too far - the end-goal is in Brave New World and hasn't changed - deep into fully controlled big-capitalist-communist system.

Memetic Tribes (Armies) and Culture War 2.0

If you are a real thinking, rational non NPC then you probably could be described as 12 of those tribes.

Making your own moral, rational and ideological choices about various streams is the way to be, not blanket accepting a cookie-cutter tribe and color matching ideology.

By jumping without thinking into a tribe, you end up looking as fucking stupid as a pro-islamist feminist....

Memetic Tribes (Armies) and Culture War 2.0

Well - the NPC term is too harsh for someone who writes such an article - it's more the Peterson-intellectual in the vid above.

And as far as the right is concerned - that is hardly "jumping into it". The Neonazis of old might have done this, but the current ones received decades of constant propaganda from the other side and it's more like the Red Pill where you find out the topics of demographics in the West, race realism, reality about Islam, reality about JQ and how relevant it is, then maybe even the powers behind all of that with books by Quigley and Sutton. There is no-un-Red-Pilling from that unless you are shown something more convincing.

So no - some of the movements by the cursory glance are identical, but in reality they are not. The SJWs by default refuse any debate while guys on the Alt Right debate heartily and willingly. Look for example at the Alt Lite and the Youtube Skeptics - they were brutally eviscerated on all race realism debates until some of them started to create doxxing servers and attacking the other parties on personal grounds - not even dealing with the facts. That is NPC conditioning at it's finest - able to see through the danger of Islam, but not able to break through to other grounds because it's too triggering.

Something similar can be said about for example the Red Pill incels - able to understand female nature and the current dating market, but too stuck in their ways to realize that even a short ugly motherfucker with a muscular build, a six-pack, tattoos and Game can get a cute girl. Their internal weaknesses balk at the self-discipline necessary to make further changes just like the Skeptics balk at unwelcome truths - no matter how many facts you pile up in front of them. Even when a Jewish Alt Righter tells them about the JQ, then they deny it - or when a black race realist wants to debate them, then they rather try to run and cover themselves in the NPC blanket.

I will however admit that there are some differences of opinion when for example too much of your own tribal self-worth is pent up in all of this, then acceptance of certain things can be too painful - Muslims admitting truth about Islam/Mohammed, Jews about JQ, some races about racial disadvantages. But I have more compassion and understanding for those views, because it's really hard to break through that shell. But for a German Youtuber who calls himself "intelletual academic" and then refuses to engage science - all without any repercussions to his direct emotional environment - that is just NPC conditioning and not understandable weaknesses.

Memetic Tribes (Armies) and Culture War 2.0

As an aside, it amuses me when folk get fussed about memes in general.

Sure, modern day memes are not anywhere near as artful or well crafted as the old school WW2 propaganda posters.
Yet the underlying purpose is still the same.

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