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The Corporate Life Lounge - career advice, stories, game etc.

The Corporate Life Lounge - career advice, stories, game etc.

So I talked to a few veteran posters and thought a thread to centralize all thing corporate related would be a good idea. Especially given the number of small-ish threads related to corporate life.


The general spirit of the forum is fuck the rat race and become independent. That's all well and good but for the vast majority of us it is either not feasible in the immediate future or not desirable, for various reasons.

Not to mentioned that we have a few posters here who have figured out a way to make the system work for them, or manage to get both success and stability out of it. I believe their input will be invaluable for younger posters here (me included) for whom the corporate work place has become increasingly volatile.

What this thread is:

-Networking between white collar RVF members. PLEASE DO NOT POST ANY PERSONAL INFO REGARDING YOU OR OTHER POSTERS ON HERE. All such exchanges by PM or eventually offline groups.

-Ask questions and give advice regarding all things corporate related. Game included with caveat (see below)

-Cautionary tales (without fear mongering)

-Exchange random stories and fun.

What this thread is not:

-Beating the dead horse on corporate life. Everyone knows it sucks and why you should quit, but this thread is created precisely to improve the situation not bitching. You are welcome to vent or post about incidence and cautionary tales in the work but do not turn this into a 10-page rants about why you hate your job and your boss is a cunt (there's the Haters Lounge for that)

-Discuss starting your own business. This is great but we have another lounge for that with awesome ideas that I encourage everyone to visit.

FAQ and General Advice:

Q: how should I dress for work?
A: Assuming a white collar job this still should vary greatly depending on your job, the company etc. But the general advice is to dress one or two level above the AFC in your company. If everyone is in pants and polo, get a nice fitted dress shirt. If everyone is suited, get a custom suit with a nice tie.

Another advice I heard is to emulate the style of the most successful and charismatic guy in your field. And I don't mean Cuckenberg or Steve Jobs unless you have fuck you money.

Q: there's this girl in the workplace. How should I game her?

A: MOST COMMONLY ASKED QUESTION. 99% of the time you don't, simple as that. There's just no good that can come of this and no pussy worth the price given this era of me too.

However, with that said, the truth is that a lot of people still date and marry from work, and not everywhere is a metoo nightmare like in Anglo countries. I'm in Paris and I see quite a few workplace couples that works.

I've also know quite a few Machiavellian players who managed to game the powerful women at work and turn them into kittens without getting metoo. This is another level of game and whoever has done it is encouraged to share it here.

Q: How should I treat co-workers?
A: the general trend seems to be shut the fuck up, don't gossip, get your work done and just do general banter while giving as little info on you as possible. Don't go out of your way to do favor for people but it's good to have people owed you a thing or two.

Personally, I feel like this is an Anglo-Saxon thing. Again, depending on the crowd but I don't see why you can't have fun at work. At my workplace I take my coworkers to lunch at my favorite Viet restaurants. Everyday we go down to play table soccer and have great fun. I host house party and invite them over. For me work is just another social circles and all the rules applied, but no reason not to have fun with it.


That's all I have for now, please everyone feel free to come in and share your experience.

Ass or cash, nobody rides for free - WestIndiArchie

The Corporate Life Lounge - career advice, stories, game etc.

Quote: (10-08-2018 08:54 AM)Dalaran1991 Wrote:  

Q: there's this girl in the workplace. How should I game her?

A: MOST COMMONLY ASKED QUESTION. 99% of the time you don't, simple as that. There's just no good that can come of this and no pussy is worth the price


Huge +1 on this. Not only do I not date from work, I don’t date within my entire industry. There is too much churn and you never know who a future co-worker will be. If you find yourself inadvertently matched with a industry coworker - ghost, don’t explain. No one has (so far) been fired for ghosting.

Email/text as if it will be read aloud at a deposition.

You can have fun with your friends after work and on your phone, keep your personal separate. And don’t visit RVF from your work computer.

All that said, the golden handcuffs are really comfortable. The benefits are off the charts - company pays for most of my parents homecare, so a visiting nurse costs me $5 an hour. I set my own hours, eat at nice restaurants on vendor expense accounts, and collect air miles/hotel points on their dime. Not to mention 401k matching that is soaring under Trump.

I went to a religious school as a kid, for a religion I didn’t believe in. Treat work like that - you don’t have to change them and they don’t get to change you.

The Corporate Life Lounge - career advice, stories, game etc.

well, after 14 years of corporate life. gone through 2 mergers and acquisitions, i can say... there is no job security. i was let go from my previous job due to restructuring. and i have been out of job since june this year. job market is bad in this country (singapore) and for my line of work (IT sales). hence i am going to take this chance and do geo-arbitrage. probably move to Bali or Chiang Mai next month and just see how it goes.

The Corporate Life Lounge - career advice, stories, game etc.

This is a repost from similarly themed threads and it looks like this one is the master thread for this type of information. This is one of the best posts about dealing with the corporate "power struggle". It's recommended that you read this series at least once.
Quote: (08-11-2018 04:24 AM)Built to Fade Wrote:  

Your post reminded me of a couple of threads that discussed the politics of the corporate environment. They're from a few years ago, so I'll post the links here: Direct Links From Ribbonfarm:

The Gervais Principle Home Page
  1. The Gervais Principle, Or The Office According to “The Office”
  2. The Gervais Principle II: Posturetalk, Powertalk, Babytalk and Gametalk
  3. The Gervais Principle III: The Curse of Development
  4. The Gervais Principle IV: Wonderful Human Beings
  5. The Gervais Principle V: Heads I Win, Tails You Lose
  6. The Gervais Principle VI: Children of an Absent God

It's a long read so you'll need time to digest the information from each part.

To summarise the entire "Gervais Principle" series, the most important thing in your life is to maintain your reputation.

For everything in this life, it takes a long time to build something and only a moment to destroy something.

This great post is from the "More red pill workplace rules?" thread, which has only 3 replies.
Quote: (08-11-2018 08:34 PM)Brodiaga Wrote:  

I wish I had found this article back in 2013. Some of these rules I already knew and followed by then, other rules I had to learn by trial and error.

Here is some more advice you can follow if you work in a corporate environment.
  • Understand what you need from your job and give enough in return to get what you need but not more than that.
  • Happy hours/parties/drinking with colleagues. While it's a good idea to go to at least the most important events, either don't drink at all or have one or two drinks max. Neither is hitting on girls from work.
  • Be boring and predictable beta male.
  • Vacations. Totally agree with the author about lying.
  • Smile and nod.
  • Don't talk to women at work about anything except work.
  • Never ever discuss politics or any sensitive/cultural subjects at work.
  • Make a list of non-taboo subjects you can discuss at work, everything else is taboo.
  • Understand that you are disposable.

They're the kind of strategies I used in my last job. More details are down below.

Now at some point in your corporate career, you will encounter the "gamma". They are one of the types of co-workers you would prefer to avoid in any corporate environment.
Quote: (03-25-2017 02:35 AM)Leonard D Neubache Wrote:  

Quote: (03-25-2017 02:11 AM)Phoenix Wrote:  

So to be clear, this "gamma" is just an ultra pathetic dude?

Gammas are not simply pathetic dudes, as you will learn if you stick with this thread.

Gammas in dot point form.

  • I am great.
  • The world is not recognising my greatness.
  • I will make them recognise my greatness by showing them how great I am.
  • The world is reacting to my demonstrations with hostility.
  • The world is hostile to real greatness and welcoming of fake greatness (ie Alpha qualities).
  • I will meet hostility with hostility and teach this gay earth a lesson.

Expanding from the above post, I remember the time when I worked under a manager who I thought was a "gamma". He had exhibited many of the archetypal "gamma" traits (listed above) as soon as I saw him.

Gamma came in at the beginning of that year and immediately began bombarding the place with his suspiciously timed "Gamma Rage Bursts".
A "Gamma Rage Burst" was my own term for any kind of intentional passive-aggresive meltdown, social intrusion, or "posturetalk" he [inevitably] exhibited since I thought of it similarly to a Gamma Ray Burst.
These events would usually hamper workplace cohesion and the employees trust towards Gamma.
Sometimes these "Gamma Rage Bursts" were strong enough to be sensed by clients and visitors.
I always made sure not to engage in any more work than required.

My strategy during that time was to stay quiet, observe Gamma's tendencies, & detect any "Gamma Rage Burst" events.
I used the agree and amplify method to withstand any "Gamma Rage Burst" that occurred and it kept myself out of the burst radius most of the time.
I also acted in such a way that I ended up having "no skin in the game". If he tried some elaborately shameless "power" move, he would end up finding nothing if he tried "to put my skin in his [passive-aggressive powered] game".
I stayed until the end of that year & got out of there as fast as I could. I sensed that Gamma was starting to drag the place down with his constant "Gamma Rage Bursts" and also from the resulting fallout.
I heard stories from some people, who had worked under Gamma at different companies in the past, that he always did the same thing wherever he worked: produce "Gamma Act Bursts" & being generally incompetent.
I also heard that Gamma talks up so much nonsense on social media, is a consistent hypocrite and doesn't know what he's doing half the time. He probably got the jobs he did due to his "charm and talk" and probably an embellished CV/resume, like in the following two videos.

These videos show that people can talk really smooth and still get jobs.

I now work at a place that is much more relaxing than that one.
With enough observation, I am usually amazed that you can learn a lot from being around people who exhibit certain behavioural patterns in a predictable way.

I conclude with these three ancient posts by Samseau. It best describes the quest towards the ultimate goal of financial freedom. Which type best describes you?

Quote: (12-24-2011 04:22 PM)Samseau Wrote:  

How the System Works
by Samseau

Competition is for suckers.

Private workers are the gladiators who get a "prize" if they manage to kill each other, just so they can live to fight another day.

Public workers are spectators of the gladiator matches....they don't get the glory of victory, but have the security of enjoying the competition without having to participate in such a brutal cutthroat activity.

The elites are the ones making bets on the gladiators. Wall st. workers are the bookies.

Then there are the loyalty old-money folks at the top: congressmen, bankers, judges, bureaucrats, and other lawmakers of various stripes. These guys write rules of the game for everyone else to play. The rules are written so no matter who wins, no one else gets the write the rules.

Meanwhile, immigrants and foreign laborers are the slave class who do most of the productive shit work but can't afford to pay to see the gladiators.
Quote: (12-26-2011 04:07 AM)Samseau Wrote:  

Quote: (12-25-2011 06:03 AM)blurb Wrote:  

Quote: (12-24-2011 04:24 PM)Samseau Wrote:  

You'd have to be a fool to try and be in any other group except for the public workers.

Can you give some examples of public workers?

Any state or federal agency; any job which isn't performance based; any job that relies on approval from others instead of actual real world results; cannot be fired from short of committing a crime. Any job that falls into these categories are "public" jobs.

Private jobs require you to work over 40 hours a week; can be measured by tangible results; address specific consumer wants/needs; have the "honor" of making far more money if results are good (i.e. you win the gladiator fights); can be fired from at your employer's whim.
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