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View Posts By Likes?

View Posts By Likes?

Looked around and couldn't seem to find this feature.

Is there a way to find posts ranked by the amount of likes / reps they have received?

While popularity is not always the end all be all of what is truly valuable, it's a nice filter. I'm obsessed with game and even I don't have the desire to sift through thousands of posts here.

View Posts By Likes?

The "Like System" is a plugin feature & not part of the forum software. These two posts answer your question:
Quote: (04-20-2012 02:02 PM)soup Wrote:  

Is there a way to sort all the posts in a section by most liked?
Quote: (04-21-2012 10:07 AM)Roosh Wrote:  


This is the thread showing when the "Like System" was implemented. It was a consequence of the "Reputation System" controversy from that time.
Like system experiment

Here's a screenshot of a pre-like era profile (an infamous one at that):
[Image: attachment.jpg4445]

Use the google search feature next to the forum search feature and type in the following exactly:

"the following [X] users like" post

Substitute [X] for any particular number.

The most liked post is a really great post.

View Posts By Likes?

Just look at my post.... clearly they are the most liked and valuable on the forum.

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