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Ride or Die Chick

Ride or Die Chick

I have noticed that there have been more and more hot young women of my personal archetype preference being Nordic Celtic Teutonic genetic Blonde/Red/Brunette Blue or Green Eyes with Snow White peaches and cream complexion suggesting they want to be a strong Alpha Males Ride-or-Die-Chick.

I searched RVF for Ride or Die and "Ride or Die" and found the threads like Rate my Ride and other esoteric Ride related threads but not a specific Ride or Die Chick/Woman/Bitch thread...

So, like all things of popular culture that bleed into the mainstream I decided to research what a Ride or Die Chick is and the source of the theme.

Quora has a decent discussion that basically covers it - Ride or Die Chick is derived from Hip Hop especially a Male and Female duet that raps about what he wants in a Ride or Die Chick or more hardcore rappers in a Ride or Die Bitch and the women rapping about what makes them the ideal Ride or Die Chick:

[A "ride-or-die chick", in hip hop culture, is a woman willing to support her man and his illicit lifestyle despite how this might endanger or harm her. Sometimes this is portrayed as a more passive "support and love regardless of their transgressions" role.

The "ride or die chick" trope is invoked by both men and women in hip hop with men stating their desire or love of ride or die chicks and women identifying themselves as willing to ride or die. Many of these songs are duets between male and female artists and contain both of these perspectives within the same song.]

[In today's world, there are a lot of people who will turn on you in bad situations, or even disappear completely. In most cases, they're not really true friends. A ride or die chick can refer to someone's friend (female) or a girlfriend. Being a ride or die chick in a way means being a better friend. In other words, being down for whatever, being there through thick and thin.]

[She loves you:
Having that ride or die chick is that best friend that has your back no matter what.]

Then I found a ROK Style Article from a few years ago that was illustrative of what a Ride or Die Chick is and how to spot a keeper... Written from a Hip Hop Players mentality but still worth the review:

The 10 Signs You Have A Ride Or Die Chick

Ride or die chicks are the only type of girls that make the dating experience completely worth it. A ride or die chick is the total package: your homie, your lover and your friend. Your ride or die chick knows your tendencies and understands the way you work.

She is one that knows a relationship is about compromise and she understands that you won't always get what you want, but, in the end, you're both comfortable with that idea.

Finding a ride or die chick these days is almost as hard as finding a unicorn, but they are out there and once you find one, you may never want to let go. Should you guys break up, just know that the women you try to date after your ride or die chick will never compare. The experience is just different and you will know once you let her go.

Many men these days end up settling for some girl that they just like, but that's because they don't know how to find that ride or die chick. Below is your guide to distinguishing this gem, here are the 10 signs you found a ride or die chick.

They say never touch a man 's radio while he's driving, but your ride or die chick is definitely excluded from this rule. She knows what kind of music you like to listen to and she knows that you can trust her with the radio. This way there is never a wack song coming out of those speakers and she knows how to set the tone for those long trips you guys may have.

A ride or die chick always has your back and she will always tell the story in a light that helps you in the best possible way. She knows that we are human and that we make mistakes. You know if a chick is truly ride or die, she only gives up information that is asked of her, nothing more. For example Aaron Hernandez's chick definitely knows some details about his past, but you don't see her going around telling the whole world.

There is nothing like waking up to a freshly rolled blunt right before breakfast. Your ride or die chick knows how much you love to wake and bake, therefore she has decided to put the extra effort in to make you happy. She wakes up just before you do in order to roll you a blunt. Nothing says 'I love you' quite like a freshly rolled blunt for when you roll out of bed. If you find a chick that rolls blunts for you, make sure you're nice to her, she's a keeper.

[D2: Since many of us have to pass Drugs Testing in our careers lets just replace the Gansta Rappa Bud/Blunt obsession with a Good Cup of Coffee and Breakfast the way you like it - all I want after her morning wood therapy session is a great Cup of Coffee just the way I like it.]

Who wants to be woken up by annoying alarm clocks? It's quite a demeaning experience and can make one feel robotic. Your ride or die chick knows how much you hate being woken up, so every morning she has something special planned for you. When it's the right time to wake you up, your ride or die chick has no problem going down and giving you some head in order to get you going. She truly appreciates the effort you put in to provide and take care of her and she wants to make sure you know she is grateful. There's nothing like being woken up to some good head, talk about getting your day started on the right note.

There is nothing worse than a girlfriend who freeloads, but your chick is ride of die, so she gets her own. Under no circumstance would your chick be comfortable taking someone else's weed. She knows she got it, so she always brings her own weed to the cyph and everyone appreciates that. Of course she will take a hit here or there of other people's bud, but your ride or die chick is always prepared. Also if she doesn't have bud at the moment, she has no problem hitting up the dealer and picking up some more for you and your friends.

[Cyph: A blunt session. The process of passing a blunt between 2 or more people.
Slang mostly used in NYC/Northern NJ.
John:Yo cyphs today? I got 5 on it.
Phil: Yea boi I got some bud, but lemme cop a swisher first.] Or:

[Cyph = An encrypted cipher messenger app.
To chat securely without having big brother watching.
Friend: Know where I can get some "oregano"?
Me: Dude... not on here. Cyph me bro.]

[D2: Again if you have to pass Drugs testing best ignored perhaps replaced with a woman who brings you your favorite Victory Cigar and Scotch and curls up with you and your loyal family guard dogs at the end of a good day.]

You and your friends are known for your smart remarks and sometimes your girls in the past couldn't handle it. Maybe they were a little too sensitive, but your ride or die chick has no problem putting your friends in their place if she feels they are getting out of line.

She knows your friends like to joke around and have a good time, but then again, so does she. She is a witty one and has no problem using her wit to get at your friends. This will teach your friends not to f*ck with her and it will make sure they watch what they are saying around her.

We know that sometimes sitting home and watching sports together with your chick isn't the best experience. Sometimes your chick may be completely disinterested in what's going on and it may prove to be annoying. Instead of being an attention-thirsty chick and being bitchy because she is disinterested in sports, she actually lets you rock and enjoy the game with your homies.

If she is interested in a sport, however, she has no problem chilling, knocking back a few drinks and watching the game with you. Nothing like having your ride or die chick by your side talking sh*t and rooting for your team.

If your girl is confident enough to let you have a threesome, then you found a ride or die chick. She is not worried about getting out performed in the bedroom because she always shows up. Not only does she enjoy threesomes, but she plays an active role in their organization.

Although she may not feel comfortable bringing in one of her friends, she will always be on the look out for a potential prospect. Although you may never need a threesome when you're with your chick, she is still open to the idea and is down to make it happen.

Many people say going out with your girlfriend can be quite boring. Well, not if she helps your friends get laid. If your chick is down to help your friends get some, then you have struck gold. In any social scene, it is very difficult to go out with a group of dudes, it actually deters other women as they may feel intimidated by the size of the group. It is always great when you have one of the same sex walking around and bringing back girls for your friends.

Hey, no one bags badder bitches than a bad bitch herself. The fact that she is willing to go through the effort of bringing your friends potential partners will score major points in their book and it will make the going out experience worth it as everyone has a better potential of getting some. It can be random girls, but if your partner knows one of her friends is coming to town, she automatically gives your friends first dibs.

There is nothing like having your chick be able to use her ASSets in order to help out the team. This usually helps you out of trouble with police and other sticky situations you may find yourself in. She will never leave your side and will go to any measure as long as you approve in order to get you out trouble.

When being stopped by police, she doesn't mind bringing her shirt down just enough to make her cleavage more appealing in order to give the officer enough reason to leave you alone. This is one of the best perks to having a ride or die chick and it really makes the whole experience worth it as she is truly the Bonnie to your Clyde.

Deepdiver's conclusion - a lot has been discussed on this forum about how to avoid Divorce Rape but not too much about how to find a Ride or Die Woman who would never think of such a thing and the loyal Ride or Die Woman who ruins all other women for you before her... and that you will never forget - think female version of a loyal German Shepard guard dog always getting your back and alerting you to unseen dangers via their extra-sensory skills.

Did you ever have a Ride or Die Woman and what did she do that made you realize she was your Ride or Die?

Ride or Die Chick

Great thread OP,
I have a ride or die chick who is down for the cause, however she gets super jealous and I don’t think she could ever agree to a threesome situation.

Ride or Die Chick

This thread needs more cowbell.


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