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I had a cheat meal, this is what happened...

I had a cheat meal, this is what happened...

I had a cheat meal. The cheat meal turned into a cheat week. The cheat week turned into (2) cheatweeks.

The reason why I did this, was so that I could understand what goes through the mind of one that is ''addicted'' to food.

Here's what I observed:

- ''Purpose'' became weak

- Felt sluggish in general

- Excuses after excuses such as (discount on donuts, I already had a cheat meal, so why not have another, etc)

- Kept thinking about not going to the gym (but I did)

- Food addiction equals porn addiction, perhaps it is even greater

- You'll find yourself in a negative spiral

- More muscle mass

Here's what I did to break the pattern.

I just thought to myself that it is enough, I gained enough mass and do not want to gain more weight.

I had a cheat meal, this is what happened...

The thing I do to "break the pattern" is to think of the bad consequences and the time it takes to revert back from the bad state I sometimes put myself in. For example: I avoid all kinds of junk foods, the last time I ate one of this heavy foods that are for sale on the street I had an acne brakeout and my stomach started to hurt after this too (sometimes I'll get diarrhea). Now, I use this memory to *convince* myself that is not worth it; my well-being and a face that doesn't look sick are better things to have than a crappy meal.

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