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Cern - scandal about gender equalit - Physics is invented by men...

Cern - scandal about gender equalit - Physics is invented by men...

Sexism incident at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Geneva: A guest lecturer deplored the "politically motivated" infiltration of his discipline by unqualified women.

Last Friday Alessandro Strumia from the University of Pisa said, among other things, that physics was "invented and built by men". Unqualified women today would demand scientific posts for political reasons.

Strumia caused outrage with his utterances. The Cern terminated now for the time being any cooperation with the scientist, as the institute announced in a statement. Earlier, Cern had already decided to remove Strumia's lecture material from the Institute's website.

Strumia had argued at a conference on the role of women in physics that physics was "not sexist with women." However, women mainly took subjects in gender studies - and then complained about a low proportion of women in the natural sciences. But one does not become a physicist "by invitation", said Strumia.

In his view, men suffer from "discrimination" in physics. Strumia denounced a "political battle" whose outcome was open. In support of his theses he showed numerous diagrams, tables and graphs. The presentation was also available online after the talk.

Cern responded on Monday and suspended the guest scientist's work for the duration of an investigation into the allegations "with immediate effect." Shortly before, the research organization had denounced Strumia's statements as "extremely offensive" to women.

According to the institution, the proportion of women among Cern employees is less than 20 percent. However, since 2016, the facility has been managed by a woman, the Italian Fabiola Gianotti.

And another detail was punished Strumia now: On Tuesday Donna Strickland for the third time (also) a woman received the Nobel Prize for Physics.

I did not seen the presentation or the graphics he shows. What I get is that he is against a political agenda, not women in physics when they bring the skills. Also he say, be representative in a field depends also how many of a group go into this field at the beginning.

The last paragraph just proof that a lot of people don't get it. The SJW make it: He is a sexist, he is against women bla bla. Look we have now the 3rd women that get a nobel prize. It just confirms that there are less women then men in this field. It also confirms, that when a woman has the skills she can make it. A political pushed women will never be able to get that far.

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Cern - scandal about gender equalit - Physics is invented by men...

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