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Tip to find the most beautiful women; any country (less-used pipeline technique

Tip to find the most beautiful women; any country (less-used pipeline technique

IMO the best way to find the top shelf women in any country is to find 1 or 2 relative beauties on social media (instagram or Twitter; these girls can be found through browsing through the 'likes' of 'funny', teenage-humour posts on other pages directed at their culture; maybe type in some random Turkish name, click on someone who looks 25, then spend 1 minute going through their posts); and once you've followed one or 2, the social media site algorithm does the rest in finding more similar people - it'll just offer more and more 'here, you should follow this person too!' suggestions, all located in the same country, and incredibly often within the same city. I found (& bang, & like a lot) literally the most beautiful woman i've seen with human eyes via this. A further example to its merits, this method even opened my mind just in the past 10 hours regarding Turkey. I followed a girl from there by mistake to an extent - i genuinely liked her thoughts but wouldn't have followed had i known her location - and since the follow, i've been served up like 10 BLONDE Turkish women (I didn't know they even existed you see) from liberal cities like Bursa and Izmir, and all over their timelines are 'funny' pictures about blowjobs, beauty, relationships. (Similar to Lebanon, all of what i just posted, apart from the blonde part - i'm being served supermodels with superbrains by social media just by following 1 or 2 of them, carefully chosen, in the first place.) They tend to follow me back since my posts strike a balance between, not doing this for anyone except myself, and, that's actually something shareable & relatable.

I get lays, but honestly more than just lays too, from this often; you just need an intriguing, mysterious, somewhat unique profile which shows a few interests from art to sex to something smart to something exciting, with a video or selfie or 2 too. That's enough, along with maybe 1 tweet per week or-so (has to be witty or thought-provoking from a woman's POV). It's easy to start a conversation with those who follow you (since they've essentially admitted that your get-up adds value to their experience) - and i personally press deep, and go for their emotional guts right away in a private message, since everyone's more open to their darker sides online. From there it's essentially text game, and up to you. For me personally, i make cold reads without negs and without compliments - just observations i fire off to the girl in a DM under the guise of 'you're one of the few brains that intrigues me - and i want to pick at it.' From there, you've already shown, or i have, to be more intense than the average man - and right away you can find out whether or not that girl will be willing to go along with your energy and motivations, or not. This has filtered out a lot of girls for me who just have no interest in mental warfare, mental connection, anything to do with the brain: it's brought twisted souls, pure hearts and incredible brains towards me: because those exceptional people have to use the internet as a voice so much more than the average person.

You want the best, start paying attention to Twitter. (IG is a pick-up fest - easier to show off a great lifestyle and pick up hoes, but Twitter's more unassuming, so you simply get higher quality. Starting conversations with 'strangers' is relatively normal on T, as opposed to IG & FB - and you're given the credit of being a 'normal guy' who just sort of accidentally ended up with whichever women you get from Twitter, at least in their minds.)

(P.S - If someone's thinking, why not skip Tinder and avoid all of this - one simple answer is ego - it's nice to have what some consider the best - but a better answer is, this is a way of finding long-term fuck buddies who'll just..tick every box under the sun; you can filter so well with social media. For me, it's an immense feeling to be a in my mind, below average guy, who's won the most beautiful girls over by showing how deep he can go into their body, in more ways than one. It really adds a different tone that they remember. Being one of the few men who can stir them with words, without even being there. That, will win you prizes. Get to work. Just remember to look or act relatively the same in person - don't pull the same shit loads of those other girls do. Then it's just social proof, dread game and emotional spiking to maintain relationships with what are considered the most desirable women on earth.)

(P.P.S - this works no matter your age. All ages are on Twitter especially; hoards of lonely women with nothing but their books, praying an interesting follower appears one day. For those low-self esteem women though, essentially anyone over 35, once you follow them, don't message them - just make sure you already have a post up that's a day or so old that they'll no doubt click 'like' on once they follow you back. If not that one, maybe they'll like your next post. Once they do, then return with some conversation. The older women get freaked out by forward, online men it seems. Droves of high quality 35+ year olds for LTR or fuckbuds can also be found on - 'connect' briefly there by sharing a literary interest, take it to Twitter, follow all of the above.)

Tip to find the most beautiful women; any country (less-used pipeline technique


"For each man must learn to live within the citadel of himself."
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Tip to find the most beautiful women; any country (less-used pipeline technique

Interesting approach.

I can definitely see this working well in Middle Eastern countries (like Lebanon and Turkey, as you mentioned).

These are countries where direct online dating is a little taboo and some girls, especially the highest quality girls, wouldn't dare put their picture on an app like Tinder out of fear that someone of their relatives or in their social circle will see their picture and call them out on it.

This is especially the case in a small clannish country like Lebanon, where everyone knows everyone else.

But some of these girls can still be desperate to get a new man in their life -- especially from outside their existing social circles.

This means that some websites that offer the possibility of meeting new people but which are ostensibly about something else other than dating, can have a lot of potential.

I haven't used this Twitter approach myself, but I've been able to use a similar strategy on language learning websites, for example.

Anyway, thanks for the idea, montaigne. I will definitely be giving this a try.

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