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Bumble/Tinder to IRL day game strategy

Bumble/Tinder to IRL day game strategy

OK hear me out...

I thought of a potential strategy, although it's got stalker alarms sounding loudly.

Many extremely hot girls on Bumble list their (very unique) workplace. For example, Receptionist at XYZ Business on ABC St.

Naturally matching and dating such a girl on the app is very slim chances.

However, if you also worked on ABC St and went for a walk one lunchtime into XYZ Business to inquire about their services, you could open a very hot girl that you know is single.

Obviously you wouldn't be a doofus or creep about it, and be respectful and so on, but let's face it - she's being hit on by just about every other customer, delivery driver and work colleague currently.


Bumble/Tinder to IRL day game strategy

Smart but it's an advanced level concept. You could easily fuck this up. Obviously implement serious opsec in case shit goes south

Bumble/Tinder to IRL day game strategy

Agree - advanced level only. You'd need to be able open day approaches very well before trying something like this.

Bumble/Tinder to IRL day game strategy

With the sexual marketplace as screwed up as it is now, a man has to use all tools at his disposal. I see nothing wrong with this. In fact, I (one time) used a zendesk-like application for the same purpose. I was dealing with a service company and I had one of those e-tickets. The chat box had the picture of my assistant and she was extremely hot. I made sure to visit the office when she would be there to help me. I half expected to meet IRT, but it was actually her. I crashed and burned on that one, but at least I tried.

Your solution might be better, IF you have a solid day game cold approach going for you. As to her being hit on by every guy coming in to the place... eh...

I think that depends on; 1) what she looks like, 2) what kind of office it is, and, 3) the location.

I know a girl who works in the food and beverage department of a hospitality company. She is essentially a receptionist. Her place of work is in a larger tourist area and she deals almost exclusively with delivery guys who work for high-end food and alcohol companies. She gets hit on several times a day. I know another girl who is the receptionist at a news company in a larger US metro area. I don't think she's ever been hit on at work (we talked about it after all the Fox News stuff). These girls are young and of fairly equal attractiveness. Take that for what it's worth.

Who knows? You might be the first guy to seriously try to pick her up at work.

Currently out of office.

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