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Progress thread of FenyoLuc

Progress thread of FenyoLuc

So i again decided to get some muscle, and i took the first steps to it, and hopefully will succeed with this 90 day program of mine.
Now a little description about me, im have a pretty low BMI under 18, around 16,5-17 i think. IN better days i had hit the minimal 18 mark, but at the end of the summer and start of the new semester, i dropped down 5 Kg.
So now im 55kg with 185 cm of height... Now imagine a dude with one of the best facial features... as lean as i am. quite disappointing, not living up to my own potential nor my own standards.

So i started with AX-10 (or "inferno size"), a GVT based training, and its rather tiring. Hardly could do the 10x10, but i had to find out my max, so i could do the workout with proper weights. And so it tired my chest right at the start, so i had to drop weights till the end... nearly half of it, what i started with.
Which i know is not good but i hope that next time, since i will know what to start with, i can stick to the weights.

And just a not to myself:
incline bench press 35kg ~60%of 1RM
underhand barbell rows 20kg + bar weight cirka 12,5 kg (im not sure i've gotta ask for tomorrow) ~75% of 1RM

Wish me good luck the goal is to put up 5-10kg under these 90 days, the overall goal is to reach 80kg. which means 25kg+ to the current

Progress thread of FenyoLuc

Starting Strength book and program.


Squat Squat Squat...

GOMAD diet or bulking variations thereof.

You will not put on 25kg in lean mass.

Bulk, then cut later..

Progress thread of FenyoLuc

Squats will come today, yes.
I will try this GOMAD stuff thanks for the post. altough 4 litres of milk... damn not gonna be easy to drink that. its a chalange on its own

Progress thread of FenyoLuc

Oh yes, squats today. Also deadlifts. I never did deadlifts before, so the technique was kinda off, the first sets i bet werent done correctly. 10x10 again, will be like this for the next few week, since the first phase stands out with these.

Squat: 15kg + bar
deadlift 10kg + bar altough i think this could've been more, but i lierally didnt feel my legs, barely were able to stand, and not being familiar with the motion itself kinda made me compromise with this.

Given a tought to this GOMAD stuff, at first it sounded kinda bullshit, but now i realised there might be something in it.

Progress thread of FenyoLuc

Today went better than the ones before. Biceps/triceps
10kg+bar barbell curls
8-8kg DB lying triceps extension

I thought for a long time now that i might be lactose sensitive, but now im pretty sure about it. So i gotta drink lactose free milk from now.

Feeling pretty good tough im kinda afraid if i eat enough or not. I will find out tomorrow, im gonna measure myself. I'll go to a doc tomorrow maybe he can prescribe me something that helps apetite or some nutridrink. Just a bit of a help, with nutrition, always appreciated. to me it was always the harder part, eat enough...

Progress thread of FenyoLuc

Friday! Shoulders and traps .
It was pretty interesting to realize how much weaker my left shoulders are than my right.
Shoulder OHP 4-4kg , due to my left hardly were able to handle it. Like my right side couldnt give a dipshit, but the 10th rep i was barely unable to do with my left...
DB high pulls 10-10kg dropped down to 8 for the last set, went decent, the difference wasnt that remarkable.

Did some abs too, and checked my weight. Now im kinda suspicious that the scale at home is not working properly, cause as i mentioned it showed me as 55kgs. Now on a different scale i checked as i was (with clothes on) 63,5 kg. So i gotta check myself at home too, its pretty hard to imagine myselg putting up 5kgs in 5 days. Altough i ate as much as i could, but i dont think that it was that much.

The Gomad stuff i try to do, but only the half of it can i drink so far. I changed to lactose free milk as i mentioned above, and yeah, i think i am indeed intolerant to lactose. Now my friend told me, who is a doc student, that a lactose intolerant drinking regular milk can screw up his gains, cause his bowels wont take up nutritions in a healthy way. Might change stuff, this realization

Progress thread of FenyoLuc

Quote: (09-28-2018 03:03 PM)FenyoLuc Wrote:  

The Gomad stuff i try to do, but only the half of it can i drink so far. I changed to lactose free milk as i mentioned above, and yeah, i think i am indeed intolerant to lactose. Now my friend told me, who is a doc student, that a lactose intolerant drinking regular milk can screw up his gains, cause his bowels wont take up nutritions in a healthy way. Might change stuff [after] this realization

If you're facing difficulties with maintaining the GOMAD routine, I suggest substituting the calories and nutrients of milk for any of the following:
  • Avocados
  • Tahini
  • Butter
  • Coconut oil (for cooking)
  • Lean meats
  • Plenty of vegetables
  • Plenty of legumes
I've stuck with the above foods to maintain my mass for years. Since these foods meet my energy & nutritional requirements, bulking & cutting becomes a simple matter of portion control for me.

Don't bulk too fast because your muscle tendons, ligaments & joints do not strengthen as fast as muscle tissue. Be patient as your goal mass is a grand objective you're setting & you'll need to make sure to log every structured workout, incidental activity (such as walking) & possibly your food & drink consumption in this thread.

Progress thread of FenyoLuc

Now, im home again, measure myself at the scale. As i thought the scale home is broken, it shows ~5kgs less then whats real. So to adjust that my starting weight was 60kgs instead of 55, and last week i gained around 2.5-3kgs. Which is still pretty fucking good i think, my ribs show out less, but other than that nothing obvius yet.

Yesterday was the "10 minutes of torcher". Which is made out of 5x5rep sets and between the sets you hold for 5,10,15,20,25 sec (if you can). So without rest, your muscles have always some load.
The excercises was:
pushup couldnt do it, collapsed after the 4th, while hold
prisoner squat barely managed to do it altough during 25sec hold i sat down, but got up to finish
pendulum planks maybe did 2 of it, couldnt hold the 10 sec
inverted rows same as the prisoner squat
seated db press same as above 3kgs of dumbbells
standing db calf raise Did without any problem, my grip is weaker than the load i can give to my calfs 14kg Dumbbells as i remember
db biceps curl managed do do it 4kgs of dumbbells
db shrugs same success 4kgs of dumbbells

All of it which required weight was 50% of your 12RM.

Plus i got an extra 500m sprint with a 10kg bag for the train, which i couldnt catch... And also a 2km bike tour to the city, for a sat night out. and walk the same.

i ate mornig oatmeal, a protein bar a sichuan chicken, 1 spicy pig burger from mcdonalds, and another burger at night. +1l milk and a protein shake. I gotta admit yesterday i didnt eat as much as i would've liked to do, but i was in rush, to the class, and to home, and so on...

Today is rest day.

Progress thread of FenyoLuc

Today chest/back.

underhand barbell rows 10x10 with 25kgs, gotta pump that number up next time
incline bench press this time with dumbbells instead of bar. started with 14-14 went down to 10. Pretty weak i now, i wanted to do more, but it was hard to coordinate the independent weights. Next time gotta try more

Did inverted rows and pushups as finishers.
Rows went fine, but again i struggled with the pushups.
i couldnt do the double in 4,30min my chest was like, "sorry bro, nope". so i hardly were able to do the 20, not only the 40 i should've done.

Little bit off today with motivation, and my mood also. Tomorrow i'll watch some motivational stuff before workout, it always pumps me up.

Progress thread of FenyoLuc

Mood was off today again, motivational videos couldnt give me the mood just for a brief second. But during workout the squats made me happier. I dont know why, but losing the ability to walk kinda gives me some joy.

Deadlift 10x10 with 30kgs, last 2 set was 32,5, can go up a little next time.
Squats with 40kgs as start, but dripped down to 37,5 then for the last 4 sets 35? Dude it was literally 20 minutes ago and i forgot how much i dropped to, but around that...
i should write the weights down immidiately next time to my phone.

Then the finisher, prisoner squats, was able to do 22, got to dupe it in 4,5 minute. Nailed it.
Overall i think it was a good session.

Measured my weight again, 67kgs with clothes on. didnt really seems i grew any belly, and nothing really obvius shows, just the numbers. But thats enough right now.

Progress thread of FenyoLuc

barbell curls started with 15 than second set 17,5 last 3 set down to 15 again
triceps extensions 8-6kg dumbbels 10x10 dropped down to 6 halfway than for the last set 8 again

Weight same as 2 days before, was kinda dehidrated today, hardly managed to eat enough today, also yesterday, but eat enough, so no harm taken

Seems ok so far, starting to see some bigger curls, nothing obvius yet. I take pictures every day since day 1, after 4th 8th 12th week im curious how much will be the difference. Not hoping for greek god body, but big improvements i do hope.
Feels good to hit the gym, never felt this before when i did younger (14-16) but having a concrete workout plan makes difference. Also the gym itself is small friendly, rarely crowded, so i go there happily. Student dorm gyms...

Progress thread of FenyoLuc

If you are young and skinny with a fast metabolism you can get away with a lot in the early years of training.

Forget about ab definition, you will have to tweak that later, build the muscle first. So with that in mind;

Compound lifts obviously. As heavy as you can, long rests between sets. You want to be breaking PR's every week on something.

Eat, eat and eat again. Never leave anything left on your plate. Don't be fussy, it's all calories, just eat it. I'm no good with diet but there's loads on here with good advice (try ScrapperTL and Steelex). My problem was just not eating enough to grow.

It's easier to drink calories than eat them so yes, drink loads of milk. I'd have 3 pints of whole milk a day (no idea what that is in litres).

Cut out cardio; save all that energy for the gym and all those calories for muscle.

Don't run when you can walk, don't walk when you can stand, don't stand when you can sit.

I'd get on the scales every day and could see myself getting heavier, bigger and stronger week to week. Lifts went through the roof and everyone thought I was on Roids.

DISCLAIMER: The above works, but is not healthy. All this is from when I was 18 and wanted to get as big and strong as possible from a skinny runner base. It worked.

But, as a man in my forties, I do about the opposite now. Lots of cardio, watch what I eat etc. But I'm just telling you what to do if you want to get big and strong as quickly as possible. Once you're eventually happy with size and strength, start to tighten the diet up (like I myself am trying to do nowadays) and add cardio to get healthy and get those veins poppin'.

Oh, keep a training diary. Just a book and pen to jot down weights you are lifting (this is fun to look back on decades later, trust me).

Keep a tape measure handy with you and measure your arms. Great motivation seeing the tape strain as you get bigger.

‘After you’ve got two eye-witness accounts, following an automobile accident, you begin
To worry about history’ – Tim Allen

Progress thread of FenyoLuc

shoulder ohp 10kgs db 10x5 dropped down to 8 for the last set.
high pulls 10kgs db 10x10

The high pulls was ok resistance wise, but the fact that i doubled the OHP kinda makes me think that i did something wrong. Either this or last week or in the notes. Even tough it was 5 reps this week only, im surprised that i were able to do it with 10s

sitting ohp with 4kgs db 60 reps
shrugs 8kgs db 60 reps (i forgot this ffs)

Got the flu, altough had no problem with the workout, im kinda off, not so much apetite, or thirst, gotta watch out for this more.

Thanks the advices bro, the tape measure sounds great. For the rest of it, yeah i dont really care about my abs yet. just doing the A-X inferno program. They tell everything what to do.
These 10x10 rep x set all comes down to the fact that the first 4 week is just "warm up". It will get harder soon, infact now i hardly can believe how will i do them, but i was like that with the first week.
I should watch out maybe to the food what i am eating touhg, cause this week was like junk food nearly half of the time... But yeah i eat as much as i can, altough i failed with it in the last 3 day, wasnt the best from this part...

Progress thread of FenyoLuc

Saturday morning was a 10min "torcher" workout. It's not hard weights wise, but 10 1min workouts without rests in between them. Not easy to do. It requires stamina, and the will not to give up, when your muscles does.

Now i realised that if my chest gives up, like when i do push ups. I cant do more. Like if during squats my legs want to give up i can force myself but not during bench press, nor push ups. dont know why.

Today was
incline bench press 10x10 repxset. started with 14kg dumbbells, went down to 8 in cirka 4 sets. Its still hard to balance the dumbbells.
underhand barbell rows, started low wen up to cirka 40kg 5x10 repxset

Felt quite week both in body and in mind. The body part might come down to the fact that i drank some shit saturday night and so i had diarrhea for 2 days.
The finishers was pushups did 25, should've doubled that in 4,5 min. Only managed to do 24 in that time. Inverted rows did 30 managed to double in time. And now writing this i just realised that my finishers for today should've been a little different in the program. Well i didnt check home, and were unable to do it in the gym...

Reading back the weights i used last week, not bad performance tough, i just didnt feel it today.

My weight is 65.1 with clothes on, bit less than last week monday, but more than last thursday, and overall still positive. Didnt measure with tape, but might do it with wire later in the week.

Progress thread of FenyoLuc

squats 10x10 with 32,5kgs
deadlift 10x5 with 40kgs
Finisher 60sec wall sit, than 22 prisoner jumps.

For some reson again i was very low on energy, my friend advised me to drink some isotonic drink, and i will take vitamins, maybe they will help. Just to get the picture for example during squats my main problems was not my legs. But rather my back acting like a noodle. Last week i did swuats with more weight, since they were only 5rep sets. But i had no problem standing straight. Now i just bent over under the weight.

Altough i see progress from last week, i still dont feel good. Though i had diarrhea yesterday too, so might be still the effect of the absinthe saturday or some illness.

Today is rest, tomorrow, bis and tris.

Progress thread of FenyoLuc

Biceps curls with 18,5 kg 10x10
triceps extension 10x5 with 8kgs, tried to do with 10, but my sohulders didnt like it.

Apart from that no problem, was a fine workout.
music makes a big difference in my performance in the gym. Last time those trance, hip-hop songs nearly made me sleep.

Progress thread of FenyoLuc

This 10x10 routine look ridiculous for a novice. It's way too much volume for an underweight novice like you.

Shrugs for a novice? Lying triceps extensions?

Prisoner jumps??? Don't you want to add muscle mass? Drop the conditionning stuff for 3-4 months.

Bro it's not a coincidence that a program like Starting Strength was mentionned. There is no such things as the perfect novice program, but there are certainly bad ones. Starting strength is an efficient program. If you don't want to do the power clean, just do bent-over rows.

Drop the isolation exercises, it has no place for a beginner with a BMI of 18

You won't get far with those 10x10 deadlifts at 30 kg.

Progress thread of FenyoLuc

I get what you say dude, but i will stick to this for a while now. If it doesnt work out, well yeah i took a note, and start what has been advised earlier. 2 weeks from now the workouts will be lot harder, and on a side note, these bodyweight exercises are not really the main thing. These are at the end, where i can barely do shit. After the squats, i barely can walk, but then i have to do the jumps, which is a challange on its own the land without falling o my butt.

And im adding weights from week to week, its just that that 10x5's and 10x10 are changing. and with that the weights with i supposed to do them also change, from 75% to 60% of my 1RM.

This program is supposed to be good for hardgainers as well, and the numbers are slowly tough stacking up. I cant tell now after 2,5 week if its working as intended or not, or at all workin gor not. But 12weeks, i can give that much to it, cant hurt that much. If its not working i will definetily start what you all written.

But so far apart from the diet advices i just took the notes, didnt apply more. But fore those, like the GOMAD i really appriciate. I do it since you guys wrote it, 2-3 liter milk per day, and its not a gallon but half- 3/4 of it. (and btw a pinch is half a liter cirka so i drink a litle more than you @Richard)

I sure dont know how this will work out @Lermontov but give me the chance with this one.

Was 66.1 kg yesterday, today shoulders, and traps.

Progress thread of FenyoLuc

i totally forgot how it was,
Shoulder OHP 10x5 i think with 10kgs
and high pulls 10x5 with, 12or 14kgs, but im not sure.
It went good tough, and so did today

underhand barbell rows, started with 30kg, last 4 set was with 40kgs, 10x10
inclined bench press, 10x5 with 14kg dumbbells, last set with 12kg, was the best performance so far with this exercise.

weight: 67.9 kgs

Progress thread of FenyoLuc

squats 10x5 40kgs
deadlift 10x10 40kgs

should eat more

Progress thread of FenyoLuc

The only problem I see is this.

You can change routines if or when you decide you want to.

You can't swap out and replace your spine though.

Take on an advanced gruelling workout as an absolute beginner if you so wish..

But what you are looking at is the path of irregular steps versus the path of regular steps.

Skip as many steps as you like but the danger is that having decided to ignore and blow past all the foundation, beginner, intermediate steps that take years to go through - in order to go to advanced Arnie style training - that you may find yourself back at below foundation and having to start again from the before your last beginning step with more issues than you started out with.

The Squat especially requires technique and alot of learning to get right. Without that it will hammer your spine and take you back to new pre-foundation steps.

Regardless of what you think the right path is, pushing your tendons and connective tissue beyond what they are now ready for and doing high volume squats without preparing properly and snapping in the right technique over time is going to .. regularly.. step by step.. over time.. give you bad habits, bad tracking, bad recruitment, imbalances, weaknesses and injuries.

Up to you but given where you are starting from - the focus on weekly tracking together with the ignore-ance of straightforward steps set out by tried and tested experience seems manic and could well prove to be self defeating.

I hope that whatever you do works out for you but you need to make sure that you are taking yourself seriously and giving yourself your best chance and not letting impatience and insecurity drive you but sabotage you at the same time

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