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Moving Out vs. Saving Money

Moving Out vs. Saving Money

OP, I'd consider Crash_Bandicoot's post carefully. I was out of home at 18, I had no choice. However, some of my friends who had the choice and good parental support are a lot more ahead financially now in their 30s. They didn't move out until mid-20s, saving all the money they'd have blown on rent and other silly things and investing it reasonably well.

I'd shell out that $200 for a hotel. It'd be way cheaper compared to how much you can save and invest. Yourself in 10 years time would buy you a fine whisky to say thanks!

Moving Out vs. Saving Money

Quote: (09-23-2018 12:00 PM)yankeetravels Wrote:  

Quote: (09-22-2018 10:44 PM)iop890 Wrote:  

How much do you save a week and how much could you save if you moved out?

Without going into too much detail, I save a couple thousand per month now. If I moved out, I would probably be limited to a few hundred.

Quote: (09-23-2018 01:48 AM)Spaniard88 Wrote:  

What about a compromise? Ask your parents if they'll let you bring girls home more often if you pitch in with rent. Which you should be doing anyways if you're in your mid-20's, but if you're paying nothing, then see if they can give you a bit more leeway if you pay rent.


Don't think this would work. It's not really about money with my parents, it's principle. They're not rich, but they rarely value money over what they believe is the right thing. In this case, they view it as a little disrespectful for me to bring girls back within their walls and them sleeping in a nearby room. I don't blame them in some sense, it's a really awkward situation. Plus, even if I did contribute a little money, I don't think it would ever truly be MY house in comparison to my folks.

Quote: (09-22-2018 12:46 PM)Seth_Rose Wrote:  

Based on your initial post and responses above, you need to create a long-term plan for what you want to achieve. You need to be brutally honest and unashamed of what you want. It sounds like you want to be location-independent, solidify your remote work, and then move to SEA or somewhere.

If that's the case, then you need to start planning. First step is to set a target date: When do you want to be moved out by?

Next step is to create financial targets. I'd recommend setting a monthly income goal and a total savings goal.

In the next year or so, or whenever you want to move out, you've hit your financial targets then it's time to go. You've been abroad before for a few months so it shouldn't be too hard for you to do it again!

But I would not be in a rush to move out of your parents house. You don't need to go next week or next month, again set a target date. Keep living at home, stack some cash, and you'll be set when the time comes.

Again, not gonna go into details, but in the back of my mind, I do have a date and number in mind for my savings account that I have thought about for at least a few months, barring unforeseen circumstances. I guess I'm just a bit concerned I'm going to get too comfortable with savings and chores basically taken care of right now. Really, this post is more about if I should move that date up by a year or so to get more independence and social life opportunity for my 20s. Not to mention almost certainly a more active sex life.

Quote: (09-23-2018 01:40 AM)Crash_Bandicoot Wrote:  

This is an extremely tough question that I have thought about A LOT over the past few months. But given your goals, I feel like I have answer for you, OP:

Are you seriously going to give away everything you have - free rent at your parents house, an enormous amount of free time to work on side projects, the ability to save a shit ton of money and pour that into investments, and the ability to have someone that runs all your errands for free too - just so you can bang a few chicks once every so often?

OP - you have the opportunity that so many people don't have. You can build an enormous business, you can save lots of money and invest in a house, you can spend dozens of hours a week thinking of ideas, reading books, and implementing with all the extra free time you have living with your parents.

Don't give it all up just so you can get laid a few times.

Chances are that if you move out of your parents house, you will be spending most of your time working on creating your own business and other side projects that you won't even have enough time to benefit from the fact that you live alone . That's the dilemma I'm in now. I live in the greatest city in the world - New York City - and it's a complete pussy paradise here. But I pay lots of rent and have no time to enjoy it because I'm working on building my own business, learning a language, writing some websites, and investing all of my savings. And the rest of my time is doing shit errands like buying groceries, cleaning my room, making food, doing laundry, paying bullshit bills, etc. I have no time to enjoy the fact that I don't live with my parents anymore. I would have been much more ahead in my side business and language learning if I would have stayed at home with my parents.

Forget getting laid. Make things happen. You're young. Cities will never go away. The moment you get yourself set financially and professionally, move out and you will be way better off than most others. If you want to continue getting experiences, then go out on a date once a week, explore the closest city to you, maybe join a few organizations near you, etc.

I'm not telling you to stay at home forever - but If I were you, then I would spend 1-2 years more at home and then move out once you're in a better position.

You really hit some deep points for me. I appreciate your reply. In the back of my mind, I feel like I almost have too good of a situation right now outside of sex to give up. In a way, it could be a good life lesson that pussy isn't everything. If I'm being honest, I'm getting less satisfaction recently as is with casual sex, but yet I'm still motivated whenever I go into a bigger city and see a lot of attractive girls walking around.

But yet, I am afraid of falling into the trap of getting too comfortable with my situation. First world problem, but watching a Jordan Peterson video on parents being like "we'll take care of everything for you, just never leave" really got to me. Because that's my current situation and my parents are the type of people, good or bad, that would do everything for me no matter what. They have already bailed me out of one or two very serious situations on top of supporting me. So, I know when the day comes, I have to be assertive about my independence, because my parents will want me around and are probably afraid to fully let go of their last child. But, it will (at least in my belief) be partially for their benefit too.

Back to what you said, I do have a city nearby as I've talked about great for day trips and nightlife. Just difficult logistics for pulling with girls that are not insanely down. I do hope if I stay home that this American city will still be a pro for dating life in my later 20's and early 30's, I don't want to lose it completely as an option. Also, your post is motivating me that much more to get my remote hustles in order. Good reminder of the chance I have to make something of myself no matter what I do. That's why I love this forum, it gives me a good charge once in a while to remember my long term goals and why I should have them.

Totally feel you man.

Getting "too comfortable" by living with your parents is definitely something that happens to many people, but as long as you are aware of it all, then I really don't think it should have any negative impact on you. When I was living at home a few years ago, I constantly reminded myself that this level of comfortability was only temporary - I was aware.

As you mentioned - If I were, I would head into the major city once every few weeks just to continue giving yourself life experiences. Maybe even book a cheap AirbnB for a weekend once a month so you can go out, possibly bang a few girls/dates, etc.

I've also read in a few other threads the idea of missing out on your 20s when banging women or whatever other bullshit is out there. I can tell you, that as someone who is almost 30, it is still incredibly easy to bang women in their early twenties and any age group.

Moving Out vs. Saving Money

With the Kavanaugh thing im thinking of moving home to defend my family. I have never even considered this since moving out. A lot of my family live on a big property and I got nieces and nephews to help care for.

Moving Out vs. Saving Money

Not sure what your figures or what you have saved but my take on this would be:

1. Stay at home until you have at least 3-6 months emergency fund for when you have moved out. So if you lost your job, you can carry on renting and living in a minimal way until you find a new one.
2. On top of this make sure you have deposit and first months rent and bills to one side along with a bit of dosh to buy the essentials for your new place.
3. Get out as soon as you can after that.
4. Chose a place to live that you can cover all the bills plus at least 20% so you can either chose to save or spend on lifestyle
5. Life will be tough ish for a few years but this is great motivation to better you career to earn much, much more than now.
6. For every pay rise you get denote minimum 75% to savings (presume first place deposit) and 25% to lifestyle increase.

In the meantime enjoy your new freedom, spin plates and have an awesome life where you only have to answer to yourself.

P.S. don't get married or buy a place with a girl in an attempt to short track/get somewhere bigger.

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