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High paying jobs in miami

High paying jobs in miami

So I'm in college and ultimately want to end up in investment banking. I've been looking into opportunities in miami vs NYC (I already live in florida so I love the water weather,etc,but I need fast money to invest in my own ideas to obtain freedom),but it seems like the finance jobs in miami are Private wealth management and other services for Latinos so speaking Spanish is necessary to get the job in this area and between work school etc I don't plan on speaking fluent spanish for business by the time I graduate.

If I were to switch IB for something else what kind of high paying careers could I get in the miami area with a finance degree? I looked into import export jobs since that seems potentially interesting but they seem to pay low. Commercial realestate? Business to business sales(what industries)?
Corp Finance is an obvious answer but I really do not want to do corp finance.

Anyways thanks for potential suggestions and comments on this thread.

High paying jobs in miami

Connections are everything, nor matter where you are located. Make sure you make friends who have a good head on their shoulders and are hard working. Try to get some recommendations from your professors as well.

I graduated from my university back in the winter and haven't had any luck getting a decent paying job in my major (or even outside of it) as of yet. A big reason for this is because of the fact that I naively just assumed that 'degree = easy job'. Instead I'm stuck with a shitty part time job of $10/hr. with no overtime allowed. Previous part time experience doesn't mean shit to most of these employers if it wasn't in/related to your field of study, but it's better than nothing. So if you don't already have a part time job, try to find one. If you have the time look into an internship as well, as it can go a long way.

Since you're still in college try to make as many connections as you can among other men (women usually won't help you career wise). Most people I know who got decent jobs after graduating only got them because of people they knew. If I knew that back when I was still in college, I would have spent more time socializing, less time studying (as ironic as that may sound). A large portion of these "entry level" jobs also expect you to have 3+ years of experience in your field on top of the degree. So unless the employer falls in love with you and your resume in an instant, it'll be hard to even land anything.

Remember, you'll be competing with fresh graduates from all around your state, and even outside of your general area as well. A lot of these employers receive hundreds of applications from fresh graduates and people who have already been working in the field for some time, so as a result they only look at a handful of the ones they receive. The job market is competitive as hell at the moment, especially if you're inexperienced.

Early on you have to sadly take what you can get for experience purposes unless you have something set up ahead of time; which is why the whole connections aspect is so important.

Don't make the same mistakes I did in college and make sure you have well established connections to competent people. Also make sure you are competent yourself.

As for the NYC thing, NJ here and I'd honestly say you would have better luck looking in Miami. NYC is expensive as hell to live in. Even if you did score a job in NYC, the living expenses would drain your income pretty fast. NJ is a shithole even if it can be a little cheaper. The commute to the city from NJ can be hectic as hell if you work there; more work less reward in otherwords. Also NYC is another place that is competitive as hell, as you have practically everyone in the world applying there, not just everyone in your state/region.

tl;dl, make connections in college with people in the field you're looking to get into, get an internship/experience and get recommendations from your professors.

High paying jobs in miami

Investment banking is centered in NYC, and to a lesser degree other financial centers like Charlotte, SF, etc. The big stuff is in NYC. Start there. But you are competing with dudes with ivy league educations, contacts from boarding school, etc.

IB is incredibly competitive. There is very little of it in Florida.

Every city has some but its boutique shops.

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