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Pineal Gland Stimulation & More new health changes I'm adapting

Pineal Gland Stimulation & More new health changes I'm adapting

I don't think this topic is a dupe on here. Has anyone else here tried this? I just started drinking only distilled water, not filtered (0 ppm as opposed to 700 ppm tap water) , and taking boron powder, along with chaga tea (and powder), and moringa oleifera (drumstick tree) powder.

I have never had so much more energy and strength return to me in so fast a time. I would highly advise this to those of you into non-mainstream health advantages. The benefits I've seen in three weeks along are tenfold. Not only does the Boron help to remove the fluoride from the body, but it also reinforces bone mineralization and calcification. Chaga tea, made from the Chaga mushroom, as I have learned, but not sure if entirely true yet, has the ability to repair a synapse loss in the brain, remove metals like mercury and other adjuvants from vaccines that get stored in the Pineal gland. I have also noticed my anxiety gone overnight after a full dose of Chaga. Effectively, these herbs in conjunction with a lifestyle that excludes frankenfood from the supermarkets can be a fast-track to helping heal

Some other things I started adapting into my routine are Gotu Kola (500mg) at bedtime, and just started Magnesium Oxide (250mg). Trace mineral replacements for vitamins is also a worthy pursuit, i.e. iodine, selenium, B12, and Zinc. Also collagen peptides helped a friend of mine recover from hip surgery in six-weeks flat, something else I am looking into.

Kind of a mush of things in one paragraph, but all of these are wonders I have found, nowhere within the established medical syndicate. Chaga is the big one though, you may experience some strange sensations once your Pineal glands open up a bit, but the ability to learn more, faster, and throw off stress feels great, especially if your life is very stressful, these can definitely help.

Anyone else into this?

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