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Telecommunications Company Apprenticeship

Telecommunications Company Apprenticeship

I am a 19 year old living in Wales, preparing to complete an workplace apprenticeship with the Britain's No.1 Telecommunication's company BT, I am curious if anyone on this forum has completed this apprenticeship themselves, and if so did it help, if you have experience that you think is similar to what I am describing, please write in this thread.

Telecommunications Company Apprenticeship

Which apprenticeship are you taking? I don't have any professional experience in telecommunications, but I am a bit of a hobbyist.

What are your long term goals?

Telecommunications Company Apprenticeship

I worked for telecom operators, and with them. Not as an apprentice.
Here are some things to expect, not sure if all will be relevant to you:

1. You will be doing odd jobs, mostly that no one wishes to do. Suck it up and try to learn. If you can enjoy it - better.
2. It is a great opportunity to network. Use it. Network like crazy and not just with the big bosses.
3. Be energetic. People like that
4. If you are in HQ (regional or national) pay attention. It will takes weeks before you understand the language. Keep asking (politely) in order to understand.
5. If you are in the field, let the veterans guide you. They know their stuff.
6. Assume you know nothing, and be eager to learn. You actually know nothing (not trying to offend).
7. Stay as late as you can. This impresses people.

One thing you will notice:
Telecom is "dying". It becomes more automated and with a thin layer of system engineers/managers and a larger "working bees" underneath. Pay attention to industry trends as they happen in front of you.

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Telecommunications Company Apprenticeship

I am currently in a power lineman apprenticeship similar work I would think climbing poles digging holes working off hook but probably much more dangerous than telecom (no offense meant) I would say this: you have two ears but only one mouth so listen twice as much as you speak. Be humble always figure out the way your crew wants things done. I get moved around a lot in my apprenticeship so when I get to a new crew and they ask me if I know how to do a certain task I will say “ I know A way to do it. How do you guys like it done?” If I don’t know how to do the task I say something like “ I can do it IF someone will teach me”.

I think both of these are great trades but I wou look into getting into the power side down the road I don’t know about the UK but in the US you can make like 2-3 times as much.

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