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(((Larsen Halleck)))

(((Larsen Halleck)))

re we really can't have a progressive analysis and back-and-forth of this in a comments section, and it does need discussion.

Halleck refers to"delusions of Holocaust deniers" but does not actually offer criteria as to what he considers to be a Holocaust denier, or what he means by delusions. What is the minimum number of deaths a mass murder requires before it is designated a Holocaust? How divergent must a belief be before you label is a delusion instead of a disagreement?

Holocaust revisionism is so persecuted by Jews that any form of revisionism, even arguments to increase the death count, get labelled "denial". It is clear that there is an attempt to stifle any sort of conversation or questioning about this, which is very suspicious.

Actual proven theories and facts usually welcome debate and inquiries about evidence, in an effort to teach people. Any which do not deserve extra attention as to why they're doing that.

To assert something like 5 million or 7 million dad Jews instead of 6 is questioning their magical number and the basis on which they attained this number, and that just won't do. Anyone who does this will be treated as if they claimed "0 Jews died" in an attempt to demonize them as an insane extremist.


…Jews manipulating historiography for their own purposes.
What perplexes me is that Halleck admits THIS, so he has the seeds for a revelation here. He just hasn't connected the dots.

Reviewing historical death figures and how they were computed should be open season for anything. We should be discussing what ranges of numbers seem reasonable and what ranges seem unreasonable, and to what degree. People who only slightly differ in their numbers from your own should not seem as unreasonable as people who differ greatly in their numbers from your own.

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