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Montes Claros, Brazil

Montes Claros, Brazil

I have an opportunity to travel to Montes Claros, Brazil for work, and don’t know anything about it aside from what I’ve read online. It’s a smaller city, sort of in the middle of nowhere (Belo Horizonte is the closest large city, and it’s pretty far away).

Knowing that RVF guys are well-traveled, especially compared to most people, I thought I would ask for advice on what to do there, what the people are like, etc.

Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks.

Montes Claros, Brazil

Never been there, but can give you some insights regarding small towns of Minas Gerais in general that probably will be applicable to Montes Claros:

General insights
Small towns in Minas Gerais are in general pleasant, chilled places. This state is traditionally focused on agriculture since colonial times, with lots of farms and cattle, so the “countryside” vibe is dominant in small towns. People live in their own rhythm and are extremely friendly. Expect low costs.

Minas Gerais is famous for its countryside kind of food. In my opinion, very tasty. Expect lots of rice, beans, vegetables and meat (pork, beef and chicken). Try galinha ao molho pardo (chicken cooked in its own blood) and feijao troupeiro (beans mixed with meat).

Minas Gerais´ girls, especially the ones from small towns, are considered hidden gems here. They are very cute and feminine, with nice slim bodies. Although they are religious and family-focused girls, they tend to be flirty and opened to game. Random make outs are not uncommon in bars or parties, although getting the bang may require a little effort. Also, expect ZERO bitch shields. “Mineiras” are very friendly.

* General insights of gaming in Brazil:
Try to pay attention at girls looking at you. Brazilian girls tend to be very direct in sending signs she´s interest. Have a tough attitude, Brazilian girls like alpha “bad boy” types. But when starting a conversation, change to a smoother attitude, smile a lot, be kind and say funny things (silly funny kind, sarcasm doesn´t work well here). Also make her compliments, be an asshole is the worst thing here. And the first interaction with the girl is the key. In the first 10 seconds, she´ll already have made her decision and send signs (smiling a lot, talking a lot, etc). If she has a bored face or doesn´t smile during the conversation, just assume the loss, and move on.
* Looks:
Blue jeans and t-shirt or polo shirt (if you go to a party or something more formal). Just like that. If you are too well dressed, will be considered a moron. Too bad dressed, a hippie. The tip is to try to look like the top guys of the city, getting too much attention (even if better dressed) is not good in Brazil.
* Exotic factor:
In small towns in Minas Gerais the exotic factor is real and plays in your favor. Basically, as there are small cities with girls bored to death surrounded by betas, any outsider (foreigner or not) will be considered gold.
* Poor competition:
Small town guys are in general betas and not good looking and not interesting (dress poorle, don´t work out, don´t have a healthy diet, not smart). In fact, Minas Gerais is famous for couples made of ugly morons and cute hot chicks. In the other hand, they tend to be very nice and chilled guys, easy to befriend, use that in your favor and you´ll have perfect wingmen.
* Important:
Don´t DIRECTLY daygame. Stopping random girls in the streets won´t take you anywhere but looking like a weirdo. If you´ll want to daygame try to build a genuinely casual interaction. Gaming waitresses or shop clerks is OK if you are dining or buying stuff there, for example.

*Small town nightlife are usually restricted to bars. The good news is that Minas Gerais´ people are famous for drinking a lot, so expect lots of crowded bars since early hours. The other good news is that the local single girls usually go out in small groups, girls only. Perfect sets to open. As the girls are friendly, invite them to your table or invite yourself to their table.
*Another thing: Pay attention if there´s any country music (called “sertanejo” in Brazil) concert being held in the city or even in nearby cities. They´re not uncommon and attract LOTS of hot chicks. If you know how to dance in pairs, you´ll do fine. It´s probably the easiest way to get laid in those cities.

Don´t expect any acceptable level of English or Spanish. Language may be the biggest cockblock you may have. Try to learn some basic Portuguese before the trip.

Small towns in Minas are usually very safe. Nothing of the hardcore violence that happens in big cities like Rio or Sao Paulo (gang fights in daylight, robberies with assault rifles, people getting killed even not reacting in a robbery, etc). The main thing to be aware is talking to girls that have boyfriend, even if by accident. Although friendly, small town guys tend to be very jealous of their girls, and it´s not uncommon that an outsider has it ass kicked by an angry mob. Just be sure that the girl you´re hitting is alone.

Montes Claros, Brazil

Wow, thank you! This is quite detailed.

Yes, from what I’ve read it’s sounds like a cattle/ ranching-based community, and a bit isolated, so your descriptions make sense. I’m particularly concerned about the language barrier and wasn’t expecting a lot of people to speak English. If they also speak Spanish I should be able to get by (I know zero Portuguese).

Much appreciated!

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