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I keep getting LJBF. Is it a shit test or what?

I keep getting LJBF. Is it a shit test or what?

@ OP
remember what I wrote early about some canned lines throw at the newbies most of the time.
I think questor70 has good intentions but it is just not applicable to your case.

One thing I wanted you to now as fellow newbie is the trap of the attention whore . Here's the explanation :

You meet a girl >>> She gives IOI's >> You act late or you act with a bad game (since you are newbie ) >>> She rejects you >> You label her attention whore .

This does a lot of harm :
1- First you put the blame on her , not on your bad game. So you will never go back and look where you screwed up
2- Next time a girl gives you IOI's , you will think she is attention whore too and you won't act .

I keep getting LJBF. Is it a shit test or what?

Whether it is a test or not is irrelevant as the appropriate response is the same either way:

Option 1: Do not engage her LJBF offer directly so you maintain ambiguity and so you do not lose frame by telling her that you are ok with only being friends. Instead, simply do what Rocha advised and give her the time and place with no further explanation. When you meet her, just forget she ever said LJBF and proceed to comfort build, venue change, and escalate as normal.

Option 2: Tell her directly that you are not interested in only being friends but you can still meet up and talk (at which point you will comfort build, venue change, and escalate as normal because no girl is clueless enough to still meet a guy who has told her directly that he is not down with LJBF without knowing that she is going to be escalated).

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