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How to use elections to your own benefit

How to use elections to your own benefit

Another one that ROK rejected

"You can't fight city hall"

"If you can't beat them, join them"

It seems that there is always an election happening in any large country. Municipal, state or national. Almost every year you have one of those. If one subscribe to the "Black Pill" you probably just ignore it, or if you get a day off you go and enjoy yourself.

I want to see it as a multi-layer opportunity. I believe it brings out business, game and networking opportunity. This article will highlight some of my experience within the Israeli municipal elections now on their way (election day is October 30). I believe you readers can benefit from my experience and utilize it to your advantage. All it basically takes is the right a state of mind.

You don't actually have to work as part of the campaign. Even showing interest (like letting them invite you to a meeting) is enough to get things going.

Getting started
Call the campaign phone, get in touch with a friend who is part of it or introduce yourself to the candidate or one of his/her staff. Let them talk, and tell them about you highlighting your special skill-set. This will create interest, especially if you have done your homework and can connect it to their platform or goals. Ask to meet them and say the magic words in the meeting:


"Given that I have these <insert skill-set>, how can I help? I won't to help implement the promises

The response would be that the other side now sees you as a resource, not only for the campaign, but for the next level. This is exactly what you aim for.

Campaigns are people-intensive practices. Where there are people, who talk to other people, you've got girls. Yes, my experience is that candidate's HQs are packed with females. I would state though, that most of them are not hot, or young but a few will do.
Don't expect to land an LTR, unless your views are actually aligned and she has that good personality you were looking for (and of course that she passes your boner test). However hookups are not frowned upon, as you too are both adults.
Make sure not to piss them off too much, or you might get that "hostile workplace" thing booting you off.

This is where I get Machiavellian, and put most of the effort. The main idea is to make city hall (in this case) my customer. Instead of betting only on one horse, I try to bet on them all.
I met almost all the candidates, by first talking to their staff. I have a unique skill set that can be used to implement their vision. Now I'm with all of them, as part of their "100 day implementation team".

Here is my outlook on some professions and their usability:
Webdesign - you can work on their website.
Content writer/editor - same.
IT - get a contractor deal for a specific or ongoing task.
Landscape - the city usually outsource it, so you can get a piece.
Plumber - same.
Finance - same.

If you have your own business, even as a side business - this is an opportunity.

What is the cost of it? Very little. In some cases it is just handshakes every now and then. In other cases I wrote a 1-page implementation vision document. Copy and change it a little bit, and you're giving value with little to no cost.

Other than money, this is a good place to do business development. You get to meet people from a very diverse occupations. Some are actually "Big Shots". Talk to them, and ask them to meet you in order to see if you can do somethings together. You can find a new job, or get some leads.

People Skills
Let's say that you actually found someone you relate to and decided to bet on him. You can volunteer and start doing cold calls, talk to people on the street and try to convince them.
That is just like approaching, only you don't get to bang. Unless you use it to approach girls on the street or start phone conversation with younger girls. So it is a good way to practice, if you believe in the product (the candidate).

Politics is about opportunities. For me, maybe for the first time, I see elections as an opportunity - for business first, and for pipe lining chicks later. If one actually supports a candidate, good for you. If you don't, go fourth and use it to your advantage.

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How to use elections to your own benefit

I'll throw a good point to networking. You need to pick a camp but it's a good way to meet local business bigwigs.

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