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What Are Some Dreams and Nightmares You've Had?

What Are Some Dreams and Nightmares You've Had?

I swear to Jesus I had a dream that Matt Forney was in my closet. I always close the closet door because there are ghosts in there, but he was perfectly alive just hanging on a hanger and laughing.


What Are Some Dreams and Nightmares You've Had?

Anyone randomly remember dreams from years prior whilst awake?

Sometimes I’ll just get a snippet of something and it’s like that whole world and the vibe I was feeling when dreaming come to the forefront.

I’ve also had a few prophetic dreams that were freaky to experience in waking life years later.

My favourite type of dream is floating. Usually it’s me running and jumping, but I hold the jump and don’t touch the ground for ages. It usually transitions to a lucid dream from then on as I realise what’s going on and exploit it.

What Are Some Dreams and Nightmares You've Had?

I don't remember the dream, but I do remember waking thinking "That would be a really good Troma film"

What Are Some Dreams and Nightmares You've Had?

Quote: (11-03-2018 01:51 PM)debeguiled Wrote:  

Did you fuck the whole girl or just the leg?

Quote: (11-03-2018 06:03 PM)realologist Wrote:  

Did she peg you with her peg leg?

I fucked her vagina, and her wooden leg was shaped like a leg.

Strangely enough, I did see a very tall and voluptuous girl using a cane this weekend. Maybe if I'd peeked under skirt....

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What Are Some Dreams and Nightmares You've Had?

Quote: (11-03-2018 06:29 PM)RoastBeefCurtains4Me Wrote:  

I had a dream the other night where I was at some get together with a bunch of young people in their 20's. They were around a long table, some sitting and some standing. They were all watching something on TV, and also talking. I noticed some started doing sign language to translate what others were saying. It didn't seem as if any deaf people were there. They were just into sign language.

Once I started noticing this in the dream, it seemed like all the sudden almost everybody started doing sign language, and then started dancing as they signed, with their arms out or above their heads.

All the sudden, some kind of cartoon came on, and they all started singing along with the theme song. Ninja man! Ninja man! N I N J A M A N Ninja man! ( I've never heard this in real life, but that's what they sang in the dream).

I was standing back a little from the group as all of this was happening, and I thought, man, these young people are into weird stuff I really can't get into the way they do. I went into the bathroom in part to get a little separation from this weird scene, and took a leak.

At this point, I woke up, and realized I needed to take a leak.

At my age, I am surprised I don't have dreams like this. A lot of what the youngest generations do can seem as foreign as sign language.

I don't get most video game references, and I am not going to start playing them now just to fit in. I know very few Pokemon characters.

Some days when I read the forum, I find myself oscillating between the forum and Urban Dictionary just to know what people are talking about.

Bill Burr spoke about this once and I took his words to heart. On the one hand, you don't want to be the the older guy trying, and sometimes failing, to use all the latest slang, but if you don't at least try to keep current with cultural trends, you will end up being the guy whose references are thirty years out of date, calling people Palookas, or saying things are Groovy.

A couple of points about culture.

When I was in college in the 80's, I had an old school, three piece suit, Harvard educated English teacher who looked like a parody of the out of touch literature nerd.

I was surprised to find that he could speak intelligently about things we students were listening to and watching and he knew our slang.

I asked him about it and he said it wasn't that hard to keep up. He could read reviews of movie and watch a couple hours of MTV a month, listen to our conversations, and that was all it took.

Compare that to today where instead of there being a couple movies that everyone watched, a couple of songs that everyone listened to, and a couple of slang words that showed up and stayed for a long time, we have every computer literate person and every subculture all having internet access.

It is probably pretty hard for young people, let alone old people, to be able to keep up with all the trends and all the slang that crowd one another out with lightning speed every day.

When I was a kid, you might learn some new term, like, when you block someone's shot in basketball or beat him with a move, kids starting saying: "Face," which was an abbreviation for "In your face."

Well, that slang lasted for all of high school, with some variations that you could easily figure out. Slang arrived slowly, and stuck around when it came, because it was mostly word of mouth, with a little bit of input from TV or the movies.

A lot of it was regional, and a lot of it we just made up ourselves, so it was original too, our lines and catch phrases.

I can't imagine the pressure a young person feels today to keep up with all the slang in the whole world scrolling across your screen nonstop day and night.

It is also funny that because the internet is such an archive of everything that was ever recorded, that a lot of the stuff that I know from high school or college, music mainly, but also movie and shows, the young people of today know also.

This is fairly amazing to me because when I was young it was a point of pride not to know any of the grown up stuff, but now, because it is all on the internet, it is like people feel pressure to be au courant with everything that ever happened!

I was in a Starbucks the other day and this song came on the speakers:

Now this was a song that was actually before my time. It was a song that my parents listened to, not because it was from their generation, but because they wanted to feel like they were keeping up with what the young people liked.

And I said to the barista, but more to myself, "Fuck, I hate James Taylor."

And she said something amazing, she said: "I love James Taylor. How can you hate James Taylor?"

It was amazing because she looked to be 22 at the oldest, so why in the hell does she even know who James Taylor is?

I'm not really complaining about this. It makes it easier for me to talk with younger people if they already know a lot of the music and the movies and tv shows I watched as a child. One of the things I like about this forum is that I can make references to this stuff and a lot of members know what I am talking about.

It's just odd. Odd when someone on the forum who I know is 20 years younger than me will post a song he likes because it is red pill and it will turn out to be something I listened to in high school.

Anyway, it makes communication easier, and despite the age-mogging that happens between generations, we still have a much stronger social connection and more shared reference points than I did with people my parents age.

I had to explain to that barista in Starbucks that I didn't hate James Taylor and his music per se, but that she would feel the same way if she had been listening to the same three or four songs over and over for forty years.

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What Are Some Dreams and Nightmares You've Had?

Quote: (11-03-2018 04:53 PM)Praetor Lupus Wrote:  

My dreams are usually just...odd, rather than being good or frightful. The dreams I've found stressful are usually the ones where I think I'm incredibly late for work, or I've taken a week's vacation without telling work. Or, I've found myself up a tower crane as it's being constructed. A piece is being manoeuvred into place, and it's my job to fix it in place, but I'm thinking 'I have no knowledge of how to do this job', and panicking as I imagine the whole thing collapsing. My dreams have always been in full colour, I don't remember seeing anything about people dreaming in black and white.

Anyway, a recent one that stuck in my head was where I found myself waiting on a train platform at a station called Carlisle, which was nothing like the actual Carlisle station. My dreams move forward in short bursts with no logical connection between them, so in the first instance a train came to stop at the platform.

Next thing I know, I'm assfucking an 8 on the tracks, just behind the train. I take time to pull my cock out of her ass, noticing all the lube on there.

I wake up pretty much straight after that.

...For the record, I don't drink or take any drugs.

I have recurring dreams where I'm at work - different jobs, from those I've done in the past to ones I've never done - and don't know what to do. Glad it's not just me.

As for Carlisle station, I spent an uncomfortable night there once. Took a stroll through the town centre in the small hours and everywhere was closed; even McDonald's (not that I ever go there).

I ran into a bloke who claimed to be Paul Dodd's brother and was really disappointed that I'd never heard of him, then went back to the station for a brief kip on a bench there.

I was woken up by a station guard at 5am and explained I wasn't homeless, but found myself in Glasgow late at night an didn't want to spend the night on the streets there. Especially with an English accent.
"Aye, they're aal fookin' heathens oop there", he replied, and walked off...

Anyway, back to the thread.

Train-related dreams are a regular thing for me; don't know if it's because I grew up next to a mainline, but there are two other themes for me:

-Spectacular crashes. We're talking Hollywood-style. Trains soaring hundreds of feet into the air before exploding, head-on collisions and trackside buildings getting wiped out. And you always know what's going to happen in advance, as the deltics steam over the horizon towards each other;

-Being hunted down by British Transport Police. This dream always occurs on the stretch of line I grew up by, or a mile or so either side. The usual pattern is that I'm taking a stroll down the side of the track and someone spots me. It used to be a passing train, but recently it's been track workers in fluorescent orange gear. Within seconds, the helicopter is out and somebody is calling on a speaker system for me to give up, and the guys in orange are chasing me.
There's always a horrendous feeling of being hunted with these dreams. On the plus side, the scenery is always nicer than in real life...

Men are not creepy. Do you know what’s creepy? Spiders, because we don’t know how they move.

What Are Some Dreams and Nightmares You've Had?

Quote: (11-04-2018 04:24 PM)Al OPeesha Wrote:  

Train-related dreams are a regular thing for me; don't know if it's because I grew up next to a mainline, but there are two other themes for me:

-Spectacular crashes. We're talking Hollywood-style. Trains soaring hundreds of feet into the air before exploding, head-on collisions and trackside buildings getting wiped out. And you always know what's going to happen in advance, as the deltics steam over the horizon towards each other;

Actually, I had a very vivid dream myself of being in a rail tunnel near to a crashed tram, and seeing a number of trams hurtling down the tunnel towards it, and knowing that there was going to be one hell of a crash. I woke up straight after that.

I've had some dreams at times when I've been broke and dreamt that I've been given a large sum of money. You can imagine my disappointment when waking up from those ones.

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What Are Some Dreams and Nightmares You've Had?

Quote: (11-02-2018 11:43 PM)Sgt Donger Wrote:  

I had this weird dream from Afghanistan …

...the "senior" member on this forum named Cobra was caught fucking a little boy in a hut

My squad stopped him raping the boy and asked what should we do next.

I then shot the filthy faggot.

But the filthy faggot did not die.

What do you think it means?

It means you need a little less dong and a bit more sarging for poon when you're dreaming of faggotry and pedophilia all at once and then to top it off, murder. Projection of your preferences on to your dreams isn't healthy.

Any guesses on which prior banned member this is?

What Are Some Dreams and Nightmares You've Had?

One time I had a dream where I was defending my home against a huge black bear. The bear was fast, much faster than real life bears, and was making quick lateral moves toward my flanks.

I felt raw fear, and in the back of my head, I had a wife and children in the house (but I did not see them).

I ran back into the house, picked up a flame thrower (?!), went back out, and fried the bear to a crisp... which took a while because the bear put up a real good fight.

There were other weird mutant creatures in the front yard along with the bear too... probably a cross between a raccoon and a coyote, or something strange like that. But they were pretty irrelevant because the bear was the real threat.


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