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Asian cities: incidental day-game

Asian cities: incidental day-game

Looking for cities / areas great for meeting girls during the day.

Yes, there are two (brief) threads that did this before, but clarifying a bit: areas amenable to Paul Janka-style get her number and get out before she wants you to leave.

Not giving her a tour of London, not walking her around the mall in PH, but cities where when you are incidentally places worth being (food, coffee shops, etc.) and your value is high enough you get noticed and can collect numbers swiftly as you go about your day.

Two strong nominees are SG and possibly Taipei. Quoted below from prior thread and both match my experience completely.

The logistics are AT LEAST as important as the city, so please provide areas you'd need to stay and/or be during the day if you nominate a city. (e.g. in SG it's clearly mbfc/Asia Square in cbd with possible sweeps of Club st and a few patios/roofs early evening). Bonus points if you can nominate other cities with good 'hybrid' day-night game like SG>



- Plenty of outdoor locations for street game.
- Everyone speaks English
- Caucasian men do very well here with locals. They're in love your kind.
- Its metropolitan. Always something to do.

- No nature. 100% Urban.
- Its very expensive here. Rent will be far from cheap.
- Dates may be expensive. Unless you do your research, PM me for more info on cheap(er) date spots here.


I think Taipei is a solid choice. I spent a month there and its one of my top asian cities.

Lots of cuties around, decent levels of english, lots of malls to hang out and "shop" while scoping out targets.
Also good cafes where university girls go study and hangout.

The cost of living there is great value considering its a "1st world country", you can probably find around $1000/month airbnb in a central areas. Absolutely much better value than tokyo, HK or shanghai.
Also Tinder had me spoiled - constant pussy stream, I didn't even bother day gaming too much.

Downsides: can be very rainy, not much of a party scene at all from monday thru friday. Good place to work, chill and explore though.

Taipei: 4.5 stars.


Asian cities: incidental day-game

I'm moving to Taipei soon. I will be doing the unlimited border runs and surviving off savings and internet income. If I live the place I might very well spend years there.

In theory, I could also get an English teacher job but my understanding is Taiwan English Teaching jobs are like Korea and Japan (the owner dicks you around in terms of paying on time and workload).

And yes I tried Tinder in Taipei already with Tinder Gold. Even though the apps tells the woman "he is 1400 kilometers away" I still had a crazy number of right swipes. It will probably be even more right swipes if it says "he is 2 kilometers away". On Tinder GPS threads Taipei is usually in the top 5 (with Singapore, Lima, Rio, Bangkok and a few other places).

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