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Buzzfeed Goes After MRA's with "Follow This" Netflix Series Episode

Buzzfeed Goes After MRA's with "Follow This" Netflix Series Episode

So checking my Netflix today, I happened to stumble on a new show that seems to have been released a couple of days ago. It comes from the toxicity that is Buzzfeed, but because I'm someone that likes to see what the opposition has to say about the manosphere, I decided to check out their episode on it and men's rights activists.

It's a short episode only 18 minutes long, but it's from the perspective of probably one of the most anti-male females in media in Scaachi Koul. You may recognize her from this segment a couple years back. Shockingly, she resides in Toronto.

Koul unsurprisingly takes the worst of what people in the manosphere have to say, with a Roosh video making a cameo from of course his How to Stop Rape piece. She also tries to hint that MRA's can be a violent group because of an incel van incident in Toronto that killed 10 people.

One of the highlights of the show though was the open when Koul sat down with Karen Straughan. Straughan made a reaction video to the segment above, calling Koul a cunt. So, Koul decides to address this in their in person meeting with the cold open asking her "So, do you still think I'm a cunt?" Straughan, sticking to her guns, responds "Yes, I still think you're a cunt."

What's funny is someone high up in Buzzfeed tried to promo that on twitter that Koul deserves an Emmy for the cold open. If it gets an Emmy, it should be because of Straughan's firm and dismissive answer to Koul and not falling into her frame.

Moving on, the rest of the episode focuses on the domestic violence issues for men and basically putting men in a weak spot the whole time. Another segment focuses on depressed men opening up in a group setting. I'm not against showing this, but it's pretty clear Buzzfeed is only suggesting that men should be weak and discourage men that believe in masculine values while staying strong. Not that I'm surprised by this at all, but it's interesting to see it so clear cut on TV.

I didn't know who Koul was until I saw her segment above referenced mid-episode, but I remember feeling uncomfortable tension with her even then. That really hasn't changed at all. I feel like she's advocating that men's issues can only be addressed at the expense of everyone else (as she even says this) when it's very easy to make the reverse argument on women and she's against online harassment which she addresses to by MRA's but again, she fails to point out that this happens on all sides of debate on the internet.

All in all, it was pretty much exactly what I expected it to be, but it's good to keep tabs on what the other side is saying about you.

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Buzzfeed Goes After MRA's with "Follow This" Netflix Series Episode

I've actually met the (((lawyer))) on the left in that video, at a law conference. A gay Jew who is far left. He works as a litigator for a big firm and I heard him speak, he's good with words. However, he's a huge soyboy cuck.

Buzzfeed Goes After MRA's with "Follow This" Netflix Series Episode

The guy on the left, he'd make a great soul singer.

That's not how we do things in Russia, comrade.

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