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Great girl staying at my apartment for four days...

Great girl staying at my apartment for four days...

Quote: (08-26-2018 10:31 AM)John Silva Wrote:  

Don't beat yourself too much over it OP, it has happened to all of us I'm sure, but it was a very easy lay.

Not long ago this girl was giving me all the signs, but whenever we got alone and the ambiance was right, she would became distant and stop signaling her availability.

Our first kiss was on the subway. Surrounded by people. Bums asking for money and little kids going around us making incredible noise. More stressfull than romantic I can assure you, but she stills remembers it and talks about it.

When I ask her why would she be so cold when we were alone, she replyed: "because I wanna see if you would make a move" - what?! so for me to 'make a move' she would gimme a cold shoulder and not a warm welcome?! (....)

That's women for you...

Some guys here would give you very insightfull views on this kind of 'logic', but I've quitted long ago.

Still, if she's in your house, she's yours for the taking. That's my 'logic'!

Keep us posted. You can still score. It would be harder and prob. much more stressfull but it's feasable.

Hear hear, we've all got stories like that. With my little yoga instructor I mentioned a few posts back, she contacted me online out of the blue ("hey are you the Bucky who comes to my classes sometimes?") and would frequently want to meet up with me to "practice her Spanish" as if she couldn't have easily found a native speaker. Asked her about her boyfriend one time when we were chatting online and she said he was great but she wasn't sure about things. Had I had any notion of game or been red pilled at the time I'd have been all over it because the things she was doing were the closest you're likely to get to a girl making the move, much like OP's situation. Live and learn.

Feminism in ten words: "Stop objectifying women! Can't you see I've hit the wall?" -Leonard D Neubache

Great girl staying at my apartment for four days...

It's tempting to rag on someone in Tim's situation. However, there's a lesson here: how to listen to and more importantly, understand your gut instinct?

He felt that something was off about her or the interaction. That may have been either:
1- An alarm siren to stay away after picking up on some cues (eg. she's crazy).
2- The inner beta trying to resurface

We've all been there. Thing is there's no way other than experience to distinguish between the two. So, we keep grinding out those reps

Great girl staying at my apartment for four days...

We've all been there.

I remember a girl telling me she was home alone for the night, and was scared that she heard something outside. She wanted me to come round.

I told her to call the cops...

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