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RVF survival working group

RVF survival working group


Depends on your contacts and experience working with developers firstly, but I'd first estimate $80k/year for a full-time developer with the needed skills (experience in Solidity/Javascript/DB design/API development etc) if going for an Ethereum dApp developer.

This mainly depends on whether an Ethereum dApp or non-Ethereum dApp will be used, and which blockchain will be used as a foundation.

The target amount also depends on whether you have additional employees e.g. technical leads, project managers, digital marketers etc to ensure project success or if there's any other funding goals that the ICO is to be used for.

That would be an all-encompassing job. I'd go from writer to blockchain project manager. Unless it's mostly a out-of-the-box solution, I think it will take too much work.

So far Tor is the best option. All it requires is for me to find a host.

RVF survival working group

I'd be willing to make a cash donation toward whatever operation is decided upon. The RVF must live on.

RVF survival working group

For those not aware of some of the tech terms (such as TOR, I2P, etc...) this link may help -

To keep in touch with other men here, might need to run your own style fag-book -

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RVF survival working group

Amazing how corrupt the system is when guys on some forum talking about which beach bar is best in some South Brazil town for drinks and ratio, is on the target list for censorship.

RVF survival working group

nntpchan is a 4chan like image board hosted on i2p and tor, it is open source

a couple of posts mentioned distributing archive copies, the wiki works this way, but you'd need a better replication scheme than github

RVF survival working group

I think Tor is the best option going forward.

Also make sure 100000% the host doesn't condone/accept/deal with ANY of the illegal child content on the darkweb.

RVF survival working group

Good thread. Lots of good points.

I understand the concept of distributed databases and disintermediation, but I don't understand how to make connections without tipping the wrong bots/algorithms off. It seems to me that there is a dangerous asymmetry: they recognize us, we don't necessarily recognize them, and we don't recognize each other unless we do something that triggers unwanted attention that opens us up to sanctions.

Technology will help keep transactions anonymous and prevent 3rd party gatekeeping, but it's not clear to me how to make the offer for the transaction, that doesn't tip off a hostile bot. It seems to me that we need to be able to make very anonymous public offers that are hard to remove from public awareness.

Does that make sense?

The Chinese have some long-term experience with these issues; that was part of the conversation we started with Roosh. Public/private divisions are how they are able to maintain businesses domestically and overseas in cities run by hostile outgroup mafias. It's cultural but they do adopt high-tech and might have parallel practices online in the virtual world (I dunno--I'm an out-group member, just observant).

Aside from technology, at least part of the solution is doubtlessly cultural. Americans & Europeans trust big corporations and gov't with their data but won't do business with their brother-in-law.

RVF survival working group

I think a big part of survival and growth is relatively simple: present RVF and ROK to the public as a sorts of men's social club, a locker room environment - minus the tight speedos (you too, Stalin).

The media will malign RVF no matter what, but it should result in more favorable reception by those with an IQ. A lot of discussions here go perhaps too far in the direction of "let's change the world," and emphasizing that we are a social club (internally and externally) should allay some of that. At the end of the day, we're not plotting revolutions, attacks, or even demonstrations. None of us are anonymous, and moving to fancy technology while keeping the same membership does not eliminate the risks of doxxing and the such.

The one common factor uniting guys on the forum is our love for pussy, good booze, and good times in like-minded company - so let's keep that going.

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RVF survival working group

Obviously our back up should be the neopets forums.

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RVF survival working group

Roosh make an APP!!!

Wait, on second thought, Roosh is too busy Red Pilling and turning cucks into men to get into the nitty gritty of blockchain project management.

Oh well... could have been awesome.

I can see it now:


People already are accustomed to downloading apps.

And on the back-end you can route it through whatever crazy-ass cyber trap-door that you need to.

The app could be a two-in-one bitcoin wallet with the forum and blog interface in the same app.

Most users probably wouldn't even realize they're hosting the database on their device.

Quote: (09-15-2017 06:34 AM)Roosh Wrote:  

[...]What are the minimum requirements for our free speech platform?

[*]Provide a platform for two starter apps: a blog like Wordpress and a community forum

[...]I think we can create a solution for this dark period of history where our speech is being actively targeted.

If all it would take to have a censorship-free place to host and access content is installing an app or opening up a bitcoin wallet, you can count me in.

I would absolutely participate as a blogger, commenter, and blockchain peer.

It makes me shudder to think that all of these tens or hundreds of thousands of RVF comments could suddenly disappear.

It would be re-assuring to know that somebody trusted was writing all of this to a private server, but I guess that costs money.

But Roosh is de-platformed from Capitalism USA...

And he'd never sell out to any kind of wealthy benefactor that would supply cash but keep him on a short leash.

As they say...


for dust you are
and to dust you will return.

Genesis 3:19

Time for an IRL situation. Maybe a residential compound in a bugout region, like Afghanistan or something, combined with an urban institute in Poland for the study of pickup and Red Pill dogma.

We could funnel chicks out to the bugout zone and survive the apocalypse in our little life-raft.

RVF survival working group

Oh the irony....

They who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety- Benjamin Franklin, as if you didn't know...

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