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The YouTube censorship thread

The YouTube censorship thread

Quote: (11-14-2018 03:42 PM)Simeon_Strangelight Wrote:

Bitchute just got their Paypal withdrawn - that is the beginning of the end of them.

And now Heartiste himself has been purged from (owned by the web development company Automattic) simply for daring to report on the purging of Bitchute:

[Image: attachment.jpg41784]   

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The YouTube censorship thread

Wow - Heartiste is gone.

Wonder if they go after any site he opens now.

You do realize that one day this forum and will be gone too?

The only hope is that they don't care too much about harrassing the likes of Heartiste or Roosh beyond the banning of major sites and administrators. Meaning - that they let you stay if you open a site that falls under somewhat foreign jurisdiction, but obviously they can ban anyone and they will sooner or later.

The YouTube censorship thread

This guy gets it:

It's not just about people being deplatformed for wrong think, it's about copyright strikes and takedowns for mentioning brand names, even playing a Dsus2 Chord - yeah, someone had their video taken down for playing certain notes on a guitar!

Being demonitized is the least of your worries. 3 strikes and you are out.

Funnily enough, I responded to Rob in that video, but youtube deleted it like they do with most of my comments now. I can no longer comment on youtube - just about totally shadow-banned.

I wanted to reply to some girl the other night when she was at a bit of a low ebb - on one of the group therapy channels I go to sometimes. But no, they deleted my comment. She will never know an old friend was reaching out to her in her hour of need. I've talked to her before and 'talked her down' so to speak.

Thanks youtube.

Thanks google.

Do no evil?

Yeah, right...

So, no more fair use of covering songs to learn guitar. No more showing a brand of a guitar because of image copyright (can't show a Fender logo anymore). Can't mention a famous person's name because yeah, you guessed it: copyrights.

It's safe to say we have reached a point of total insanity where as the only end goal is not to stop people from stealing from others, but to totally shut down any meaningful forms of communication.

People are getting struck down for using their own copyright material! See what Rob said about that in the video. He used his own band's songs and got a strike!

It's why I don't put any of my stuff up on youtube. And I am in a much worse position than most, because I do loops and samples and songs for other people. So it's quite conceivable that if I put my stuff up it would be struck down because someone else has already claimed it or used it.

The algorithms and "AI" machine learning shit don't know that I licensed that to them in the first place. I could use my own music in my own songs and get taken down because some prick used a free sample of mine that I put up via Creative Commons licensing model.

It's the great rape of anyone that produces any kind of content.

But yet, they do this in the name of protecting 'content creators'.

I use the word 'insanity' unreservedly.

It's not even possible to fight them. It's like fighting a drunk madman with a knife in his hand.

Choose your battles well.

But one way or another, before too much longer, we all go to war.

And I use the word 'war' unreservedly. Perhaps more figuratively, but also, as well, literally. Let's hope it doesn't come to that.

Every little last thing taken from us. And here we are put in our place and being schooled to know our place and the fact that the Tyrell Corporation owns our very souls.

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The YouTube censorship thread

I've noted it before. 2017 was the year that Silicon Valley was told "no more Trumps" and the powers that be hammered out a power sharing arrangement with Hollywood and the MSM that would close off the gaps created by honest competition for audience attention.

So when people keep saying "I don't understand why YouTube is fucking their own users" they don't understand that it's simply the phase where a new technology is woven into the existing power structures.

Beyond that YouTube took care to give the user base carte blanche for as long as possible in order to secure total domination of that medium but after that was secured and they got their 2016 wake up call it was time to close the gates and put the peasants back in their chains.

I feel for Rigsby but I truly hope these algorithms make the platform completely unusable, forcing competition to the surface.

The public will judge a man by what he lifts, but those close to him will judge him by what he carries.

The YouTube censorship thread

(09-21-2018, 10:10 PM)Valentine Wrote:  Unfortunately BitChute is not the most censorship-proof existing solution - the domain is closed-source so if it's taken down it'll likely be gone forever, plus there's no workaround if the domain owner wants to hide your videos.

The most free solution I'm aware of is currently DTube. DTube is another app like Steemit that runs on the Steem blockchain.

It uses Steem as a database for permanent links to all files and the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS - basically torrents 2.0) for permanent hosting.

Some of it's top features include:
- Your videos can be upvoted with cryptocurrency, so you're paid directly for content just like Steemit
- DTalk: Private Messaging (end-to-end encrypted)
- DTV: Livestreaming available
- Mobile apps available
- Standard YouTube-like features: Watch Later, notifications, video popup on mouse over, etc

Click here for full overview of DTube.

The Domain Is Replaceable
Because the domain is just a frontend to view IPFS files and the blockchain, this means it's always replaceable and is just a convenient access point right now. If the domain gets taken down tomorrow anybody can still easily host the website frontend itself on IPFS, so like a torrent it's basically impossible to censor. This means you can access the frontend again via any IPFS HTTP gateway (e.g. the link "dtube" via or CloudFlare-IPFS or by using a browser extension (e.g. IPFS Companion for Chrome or Firefox) which then allows accessing it directly in your browser navigation bar e.g. ipfs://dtube.

Decentralised Moderation
Censorship unfortunately is still possible, due to the need for curation and spam prevention. Videos can be hidden from the website UI if there enough downvotes from the community (with enough Steem power/cryptocurrency backing it), but even then the video and it's hash is still permanently on the blockchain and available via IPFS.

Whilst that type of moderation has it's issues, the decentralised moderation algorithm is still young and there is a current workaround anyway. If there's ever an IPFS gateway or the DTube site itself tries to censor unfairly, then anybody can host the site again on their own IPFS node and choose their own moderation rules. Also you can always send the video link directly to someone since it's only unlisted. Or send them the video link from or any other Steem gateway.

Best YouTube Alternative
This platform is still relatively young but it's getting popular and I'm not aware of another decentralised video platform with a better foundation. The creator plans to keep decentralising any remaining centralised components and add key features of traditional video platforms which is exactly what it needs.

The fact that it is self-funding due to curation and beneficiary rewards too ensures this platform will stay around for the long haul, and once Filecoin is released next year the costs of hosting videos on IPFS will be even cheaper for DTube. All in all this is a promising project that I hope you guys all check out.

How was something like this not been instituted? The only use value of block tech, now that bitcoin is basically a more volatile proxy for the sp500, is to have decentralized websites. 
We have had mirrors and torrents for more than 20 years. When are the youth going to invent something like this? The world is waiting, now that the ADL/Western Governments/Intelligence agencies/Corporate America have mostly won the censorship war. (Even Musk has bent the knee, recently censoring more and kissing the Roman Wall in Jeruselum.

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