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Motocross star commercial shows appeasing, beta servile behavior

Motocross star commercial shows appeasing, beta servile behavior

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No one on the motocross forum mentioned this, just thought it was cool mainstream exposure for the sport. The best active rider in America right now, going and fetching coffee for his wife while she gets a haircut, then going back again upon realizing that he forgot the sugar.

Even though he is kind of the pretty boy male model of the motocross cast of characters, and could be utterly slaying pussy on the international scale if he had the personality for it, this suck-up behavior in the commercial is pretty much consistent with how he seems to be from a motocross fan's perspective.

This is part of the problem with home-schooling. All these pro racers are home-schooled nowadays and simply do not develop social skills. Most of them, like Ryan Dungey in this video, are pretty dumb and probably have the reading, geography, and arithmetic skills of a talented second grader or average fourth grader.

Back in the 70s and 80s there were real men racing motocross. Some would just grab and kiss the trophy girl when they won, and would go party and bang Parisian women during the nights of the weekend-long Paris/Bercy Supercross event. I doubt any American has done that since Jeremy McGrath in the 90's.

Motocross star commercial shows appeasing, beta servile behavior

He apologizes to everyone at 1:15 while driving his bike into the elevator. 1/10 Beta Behavior.

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Motocross star commercial shows appeasing, beta servile behavior

I liked this commercial a great deal....

I love the area where it's filmed which after looking around turns out to be the ESPN campus in Bristol, Connecticut (I would never have guessed). There is a very strong, almost mystical sense of the pastoral that pervades it, starting from the very first iphone ring and culminating in the extended sequence shot in that beautiful little pantry with the coffee machine as he waits for his cup to be filled and places it in the SportsCenter cup holder. And don't miss the hot brunette slut in the elevator with luscious curly loooong hair and what looks like a very nice biggish ass, from 1:08 to 1:15 or so. I also like that Lindsay bitch, she is a nosey dog type and has a great American cocksucker's voice.

There is almost too much to say about how at a time when films and film stock have been rendered utterly dead and intolerable even for an instant, it's these TV and even sub-TV commercial textures that free the camera to linger on the world and love it. But that is best left for another occasion, LOL.

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