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What is your optimal learning method?

What is your optimal learning method?

I was participating in a discussion in this thread and something struck a mental cord.

Quote: (10-01-2015 11:43 AM)StarcraftGG Wrote:  

If I were you, I wouldn't start with textbooks or online classes at all.


To become a more well rounded person with useful, applicable scientific knowledge, I would use the method that my kooky professor taught me - an emphasis onunderstanding SYSTEMS. This involves a top down approach to learning science and understanding stuff in general in any subject. It helps if it's a topic you're interested in, or can visualize or interact with.

It made think about different learning methods people have.

I have about three styles of learning, Reading, Application and Reflexive thinking.

I find my reading style useful only timed bursts. I usually find this between 25 Minutes to an hour. If I do this more frequently through the day, I find myself slowing down in reading speed. I find this best for simple fact acquisition.

Application is more when I actually just do the thing. Something like working on the car, Computer Programming and speaking, reading and writing in a language.

Reflexive thinking is something really different. It is how I go about learning more abstract concepts. I keep thinking about the subject for extended periods of time until I find myself grasping the concept.

How about yourself, how do you find yourself learning?

What is your optimal learning method?


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