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Best way to game ERASMUS girls?

Best way to game ERASMUS girls?

Hello guys.

The thread title is self explanatory, I think.
As some people might know, I am a Senegalese guy and I have been in the French city I am for 2 years.

During these past weeks I have been in contact with a lot of girls, especially foreign girls, and ERASMUS students. I find it very tricky to setup a date, and even tough I try a couple touches from time to time (like 1 or 2s long) to distinguish myself from the other ERASMUS buddies, I see no follow-up from them. They all ask me the same things: where are you from, what are your studies, how long have you been in xxxx-the city I live in, do you plan on staying here, etc etc, and that's it: they don't ask more personal questions, nor get closer in to my personal space.

Even when alcohol is involved (binge drinking nights, you all know what I am talking about), I can see some of them making out and isolated with the handsome ERASMUS lads, but that's all. I could not even get a freaking makeout during the freshmen party with 1000+ people (got pretty much always rejected when I tried to get a girl to dance, I am too ugly lol), so gaming them and escalating during an alcoholic night is out of the question.

On the other hand, if I try social circle, I have to be very careful to not be "that guy" who hits on girls all the time... But how do I ask them out? Most of the time they all stick together, to travel and go out...

Thanks for your help.

Best way to game ERASMUS girls?

ERASMUS is no different than the rest of the world.
Some girls will like you some won't.
Some are more interested in you as a person (more personal questions) ... but that's interest as a friend, not sexual interest (2 different things.)
I guarantee that if you think you're too ugly for them to dance with you you will let out vibes (vibrations, signals) that you feel they are too good for you, and they will pick up on that feeling and not dance with you.
Have you tried making friends (male and female?) If you're accepted as part of the group things are easier.

Best way to game ERASMUS girls?

Many years ago, when I first discovered game, I spent half a year in Spain as an ERASMUS. It was a shock treatment for me: seeing some european guys my age dressing with great style, effortlessly bedding gorgeous and young girls from house parties and clubs. There I had a disastrous near-miss...

What became clear to me, is that in such a short timeframe (6 months) your best bet is to be aggressive and push for the ONS during the alcohol-fueled parties. No girl wants to get into a relationship that would hinder their experience tasting different flavors of men during their "exchange semester".

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