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Lyft/ Uber Promos...Quick Hustle

Lyft/ Uber Promos...Quick Hustle

Figured I'd try and help some guys in need of a quick hustle/cash. This post will be all over the place since I'm in a hurry.

Quick Background:

I've been doing Uber part-time for about 8 months now along with my full-time job. It's not a bad part time gig to supplement a full-time income. Really can't beat the flexibility. The money is ok (was better before) but the market is pretty saturated right now.

Anyway, my friend that works with me at the full-time job drives for Lyft part-time. He suggested I sign-up with them since their running a solid promo right now. The promo is well worth it especially in my city (Chicago). He gets $750 for referring me and I also get $750 after I complete 60 rides. This may seem like a lot of driving but if you buckle down you can knock it out in less than I week even with a full-time job. The promo amounts vary city to city so I would go online to double check how much your city is paying. They pay 1-2 weeks after your 60th ride.

Even if you hate driving or you don't plan on driving past the 60th ride I suggest anyone with a car/insurance and some free time to look into this and do it. You'll make 500-600 off the 60 rides and the additional 750 on top so figure 1300-1400 total. After taxes figure about 1000 minus 100 lets say for gas..thats a clean 800-900 in a week.

This isn't a ton of money but well worth it in my opinion. Anyone interested in Uber they are also running a promo. $150 for the new driver and $200 for the guy who referred him but only 20 rides as opposed to the 60 for Lyft. If you guys decide to do it throw in my referral code when signing up and if for whatever reason it isn't working or you aren't seeing it I can email or text it to you. Any general questions about Lyft or Uber you can ask in this thread or PM me. Referral codes are below..take care fellas

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Lyft/ Uber Promos...Quick Hustle

Average cost per mile of operating a vehicle you own is about .56 per mile.

If you average 20 dollars per ride including this overage bonus, how many miles are the average trip ? I'm Just trying to calculate the profitability after factoring in all costs.

In addition , you need to be very careful with Insurance and uber. A normal car Insurance policy may not cover you in case of an accident. I would not want to be on the hook personally if I got into an accident and the occupants got injured while in my car. I recently got into an accident in my truck and the first thing geico asked was were you working. I wasn't working at the time and confirmed with a friend later that if I was using my truck for business at the time , my personal policy may not cover the damages.

A commercial insurance policy may be needed to cover this added liability.

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