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Where to hit up this summer

Where to hit up this summer

Next year I am going off to pursue undergraduate studies in the USA, and I want to visit a city I've never been to next summer. I am planning to go with my cousin, who is over a year older than me, but with less game than me. I have 20 notches, give or take, most of which came from social circle game (really the only type game that works in India) and some random ones from 6 months I spent in Bangkok. I have recently introduced my cousin to game (he's never been laid besides Russian pros in Goa), and we are looking to go somewhere for at least 2 weeks where gaming is relatively easy. We are on our own and in our late teenage years.

I would prefer a city with a beach, good waves, good weed. But surfing and getting stoned isn't as important as getting pussy for this trip.

The candidates for this trip include but are not restricted to Male in the Maldives, Beirut, Morocco, Brazil, Colombia, Jamaica, Trinidad, and DR. If you guys could suggest any cities among these or in the countries mentioned, that'd be great.

We also are open to suggestions in SEA, Hawaii, and Europe. I know Spain and Greece are lit in the summer, and I read the thread about a 17-year-old losing his v-card in Iceland (heard that's also a sick summer destination). Once again we are open to any place that is good to hit up in the summer. We like Latinas and Persians but I guess we are too inexperienced to be that picky [Image: tongue.gif] .

The only destination in the US I'd be open to is Montauk, NY cause of surfing and ease of getting laid.

Keep in mind my cousin has 0 legit notches, but he can be attractive to girls nevertheless. We're not filthy rich by any stretch, we are only planning on going to 1 or max 2 places to game and fuck around. What places would you recommend we hit up that would not be alarmingly costly, easy accommodation, pipelining, etc?

Also feel free to share any experiences you had as a teenager visiting someplace with or without a friend, where you fucked around and had a great time.

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