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Stefan Molyneax commits genocide against polyamorous hamsters

Stefan Molyneax commits genocide against polyamorous hamsters

Quote: (09-30-2015 01:01 AM)iop890 Wrote:  

Quote: (09-30-2015 12:50 AM)Biologist Wrote:  

While I think Stefen Molyneux is quite intelligent, I find his sense of humour really try-hard.

I agree, some of his videos are very educational but I cringe when he starts trying to be funny in the middle of them.

He's also too long winded. Most of his 90 minute videos could have been done in 30.

He's definitely a weird guy but it's still a net positive to have guys like him around to at least question mainstream media.

He may not be someone you want to pattern your beliefs or life around but he does bring up enough good points to raise public awareness from people who may not question mainstream dogma otherwise.

It's also good how a lot of these guys also end up going up against Young Turks too which is a big SJW "indie media" shit show.

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