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Online misogyny overblown

Online misogyny overblown

Not sure if this would be of general interest, little/nothing that hasn't already touched upon here.

(For some reason I can access this in Internet Explorer but not Chrome. Edit: Nevermind can access in Chrome now.)


A more recent Pew study, released last November, found that 44% of men and 37% of women reported experiencing some kind of online abuse. While much of this abuse was in the mildest category of name-calling, more men than women (10% versus 6%) said they had been physically threatened online. More women (9%, compared to 6% of men) reported being sexually harassed; more women also reported being stalked, though women and men were equally likely to experience persistent harassment.

The reaction? Many media outlets singled out those areas where women reported more abuse to spin the Pew study as showing that women have it worst—while dismissing abuse toward men as mere name-calling.

Yes, the Internet can be a nasty place—for everyone. But the skewed narrative of misogynist harassment is a damsel-in-distress trope in feminist clothing.

It perpetuates the very stereotypes of women that feminists once sought to shatter—delicate, fragile, and too timid for the rough-and-tumble of the public square—while denying sympathy to men who experience abuse.

Alarmingly, this narrative also uses broad definitions that sometimes equate unwanted argument, harsh criticism, or ridicule with harassment.

Online misogyny overblown

Here's the other thing a lot of people forget about the "online abuse".

More often than not, the reason it's so "abusive" is that you've just stepped into a website that's full of teenagers...ignorant, obnoxious, nasty teenagers. The result is basically the same thing that you'd expect to encounter while riding the bus to middle school.

Online misogyny overblown

When you are arguing with people, and they don't like what you think, or how you say it - you will get called upon.

So what?

Would love to see methodology. I bet that it is self reported.
Yes - we can sure count on that
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