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Reverse shit test

Reverse shit test

Want to start with a standard disclaimer: if there is such thread already then please delete this one. I was unable to find it so here it goes.

By no means I am a professional gamer. As the matter of fact I just recently discovered this forum. Here I actually found quite a few verbal definitions to what I was doing or experienced.

Sometimes I find very useful the use of Reverse Shit Test (ST) one pulls on girls. It achieves (in my opinion) the following goals:
1. Shuts down the girl's streak of her own STs she pulls on you;
2. Moves the scale in your favor - you become the one in charge;
3. Opens new ways to interact/explore the girl.

Here is the example of what I mean. let's imagine the girls gets carried away with her STs. She drops another one [fill the blank] on you. You calmly, confident and with straight face ask her:

You: What is your bra size?
She: Such and such (she reveals it so easy since you are already far and deep in the conversation)
You: And what is your boob size?

From here it's just up to your imagination to where to lead the conversation.

So what R-ST did - let you to reply to her ST regardless of what it was, stopped her from proceeding with another STs and steered the interaction in the right direction.

Reverse shit test

[Image: smrk3.gif]

Tell them too much, they wouldn't understand; tell them what they know, they would yawn.
They have to move up by responding to challenges, not too easy not too hard, until they paused at what they always think is the end of the road for all time instead of a momentary break in an endless upward spiral

Reverse shit test

Or just flip the shit test on her.

Any shit test should be solely treated as a child talking, a response with humor and a grin.

You shouldn't be letting her do this to begin with, that means your frame is weak and she's taking advantage of it.

The best thing to do is set the frame up strong to begin with, have her qualify herself.

A man doesn't need to shit test a woman, only qualify her, and make her prove her worth.

Reverse shit test

There's no need for a man to shit test. That's what women do to disqualify a man for sex.

As a man she should be qualifying herself why she be so thankful to have you spend even a few seconds of your time with her and/or get your dick.

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