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2 Canadians among 4 abducted on Philippine island
Canadians among 4 abducted on Philippine island

This is crazy news! Feel bad for these guys. I booked my trip to Phils last night and planned to do some intense diving off of Samal since they have great dive location, amazing marine life and low cost compared to other parts of Phils. Plus I know many of the local dive guides very well.

Based on the reports, it says these guys were targeted and not just a random kidnapping. Still, it shows we all need to be EXTRA careful on our vacation and keep a low profile.

The resort location these guys were staying at, stated on their website:

2> Excellent security! Our premises are guarded 24/7 by licensed armed guards as well as CCTV so we don’t have to fear petty theft and vandalism. Don’t be misled by the problems reported in the media about Mindanao insecurity! Samal island and Davao City have a long standing reputation as a safe area to live in ... authorities are quite strict and crime is very low. People are very friendly and any foreigner feels very safe anywhere in the area ...

Hope the outcome is positive!

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