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Do I text her? or keep my frame

Do I text her? or keep my frame

Sup guys,

I've been casually seeing this girl for about 4 weeks. I've kept texts only for meeting up. Anyway we got together Sunday night and were extremely close to fucking, but I couldn't get her back to my place, we haven't texted since; I got a few girls on deck I'm working and i see this girl once a week anyway in college.

So today on campus she saw me chilling with another girl, I was also with three guy friends. We were sitting at a table, and she was seated alone quite away, but not far enough to not see each other, we didn't lock eyes. I was tempted to leave my group and go say hello but decided to remain, before I knew it she got up and walked off to class. Haven't texted since..

Feeling very tempted to text now...

What you guys think? thanks.

Do I text her? or keep my frame

You should elaborate on why you didn't get the bang, and we'll be more able to offer you a good advice.

Do I text her? or keep my frame

Not enough info for us to advice anything. But it doesnt sound like she is invested in you, but you invest in her too much.

That and for fuck sake, stop using ambiguous girly terms. The hell is "seeing this girl?" At first I thought you were fuckbuddies but then I read you didn't fuck her and I was like

[Image: 496c549fe8888591eec2fcddddc26988e284028b...0b172a.jpg]

Either you banged, or are trying to bang a girl. No "seeing" or "hanging out" or even "dating" on this forum.

Anyway, have you made your intentions clear? If you did and it still go nowhere after 4 weeks, forget it.

Keep trying to bang other girls and keep this girl out of your mind. However when you do see her put on your maximum game, try to set something up with her and then bang her.

If she plays hard to get, forget it.

Ass or cash, nobody rides for free - WestIndiArchie

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