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Microaggressions & Moral Cultures

Microaggressions & Moral Cultures

How Grown Ups Deal with Microaggressions

"Western society, they argue, has shifted from an honor culture -- in which slights are taken very seriously, and avenged by the one slighted -- to a dignity culture, in which personal revenge is discouraged, and justice is outsourced to third parties, primarily the law. The law being a cumbersome beast, people in dignity cultures are encouraged to ignore slights, or negotiate them privately by talking with the offender, rather than seeking some more punitive sanction.

Microagressions mark a transition to a third sort of culture: a victim culture, in which people are once again encouraged to take notice of slights. This sounds a lot like honor culture, doesn't it? Yes, with two important differences. The first is that while victimhood is shameful in an honor culture -- and indeed, the purpose of taking vengeance is frequently to avoid this shame -- victim status is actively sought in the new culture, because victimhood is a prerequisite for getting redress. The second is that victim culture encourages people to seek help from third parties, either authorities or the public, rather than seeking satisfaction themselves."

I know this is something discussed here a lot, and it even sounds like it could have been written bu Quintus or Libertas or one of our scholars, but it's Megan McArdle. WBOFSTG (Would Bang Once For Solidarity Then Ghost)

Microaggressions & Moral Cultures

In the school that my kids go to, they adopted something called "The Dolphine model".
One of the way to conduct yourself is to report if someone hurts you = Victim. You are not allowed to hit back.

So it is teaching them to be victims from the start.

I told my kids, just like in "Ender's Game" - that if someone hits them, they should punch back once, and then go to report it.
This is how one should seek satisfaction.

And I would keep her on my rotation, as girl #4 or #5.

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