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Why are racists allowed to ruin ROK?

Why are racists allowed to ruin ROK?

Quote: (09-09-2015 12:42 PM)Blaster Wrote:  

Quote: (09-09-2015 09:09 AM)ElJefe1 Wrote:  

Why does everyone here assume all RVFers are conservative right wingers?... This site I thought was about self improvement, traveling, chasing taill. I'd say it's safe to assume left leaning men are all about those things as well, are too heavy contributors (and like myself aren't so much about feminism or hearing SJWs pushing their agenda etc) . Ill be honest I don't really see much out and out blatant racism but I don't go to the comments section of ROK either.... I'm a black guy and I've meet nothing but really cool guys from here from RVF that have been from all walks of life. But since the troll is banned as expected I didn't get to ask him for exact examples....

Liberal values that I share: intellectual openness (ie open-minded), including a willingness to question traditions and improve customs and behaviors to meet modern environments. Compassion. The harm principle. Tolerance. Government should treat races equally. Organized labor is an important and necessary response to organized capital. People can cooperate through government to accomplish things that would be too difficult or expensive to do otherwise.

Conservative values that I share: Respect for traditions. Personal responsibility, individualism. Mass Immigration and socialism don't mix. Compassion must be tempered with practicality.

Conservative values I don't share: Slavish adherance to tradition. Belief in God, as well as obedience and subservience to God.

Liberal values I don't share: Socialism for morality's sake. Religions are evil. The Daddy Model of wealth, and the general ever-present assumption that any identified problem no matter how MUST be solved with an implicit appeal to some higher authority (usually government, but sometimes "culture" or "society" or "corporations")

We see eye to eye on quite a bit.....

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Why are racists allowed to ruin ROK?

Why liberals allowed to ruin the world?

Deus vult!

Why are racists allowed to ruin ROK?

^ Ruin is salvation! Despair is prosperity! Fear is joy!

Why are racists allowed to ruin ROK?

Quote: (09-09-2015 12:43 PM)Roosh Wrote:  

But it's safe to say that being a SJW will get you banned here the fastest before all other groups.

I heartily agree. Take the example of Little Dark, for example. Banned in fifty posts. He was obviously social, given his description of his attendance on the nightclub and telling white knights to go away, he was all about justice given the slight he suffered at their hands which he sought retribution for, and he was, after all, the forum's pre-eminent warrior.

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