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Possible relocation from Paris to London

Possible relocation from Paris to London

Quote: (05-15-2016 05:41 AM)Going strong Wrote:  

Quote: (05-14-2016 03:10 PM)MrRoundtree Wrote:  

I can also give my opinion about Paris

1.Citizenship. For me, as a Quebecer I think it's not difficult to become citizen and find a job, once I was there I received a few calls for internships and my boss wanted to keep me although it was difficult to get hired by HR (I didn't have a social security number at the time, and I was considering staying with them if I didn't have that other offer back in Canada). There are mutual ententes between France and Quebec for students. I'm also in a very specific domain.

2.Political correctness. People in Paris and France in general are not politically correct.

3.Quality of girls. I didn't find London too bad but Paris had very nice girls..lot of tourists who looked hot, I liked it.

4.Career opportunity. This is where Paris felt unsafe for me, Francis very ''hiéarchique'' and mot people have equal pay n the first few years, getting promotions is difficult and you need to attend the right schools to get an opportunity to climb the work ladder.

5.Living cost. I was scared in Paris because it was really expensive ( the flats).. Condos are anywhere from 800 euros to 1100 euros along line 1.

Have you considered looking in other french cities like Lyon or Toulouse for example? Lyon is is my opinion the perfect city, nice weather, great food, best girls in France and is not too expensive or crowded. It is also very close to the alps.

I agree with your post. But, about living costs, note that food and everyday items are not very expensive in Paris, if you buy your food at the places and markets where local people do, like, at the Monoprix or even Carrefour shops for example (ask for the -free- customer cards at these shops, if you plan on staying in France, you'll have some rebates in prices).

That's true, food is cheaper than here in Montreal as well as alcohol and wine. By earning euros it is really not so bad but I was also paying stuff in CAN dollars from times to times and the ratio was not really good.

Only the flats are really expensive in Paris (I meant studios not condos my bad) and that was almost double what I was paying in Montreal in Canadian dollars (and hwere I have a large flat for myself while in Paris it was a 20 m2 studio). But internet (liveboxes), cellphones, plane tickets, metro, velib, and even SNCF trains are MUCH cheaper than in Canada. Also everyday stuff can be cheap if you know where to go (auchan haha)

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