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Higher Quality Females

Higher Quality Females

So I've been away from rvf for a little while and I've hit an interesting moment in my development and would appreciate some feedback.
About me- 5'9" athletic build, 23 yr old caucasian, living in major US city on west coast

The past three months or so I've had a nice harem of girls. They've all been 6.5-7.5's. It has been my experience recently that using the same game in my pursuit of the "higher quality" women has been unsuccessful. Now I'm sure this is a representation of where I'm at in my growth but I've felt at the same time the game I've been using on these 6.5-7.5's is getting me nowhere with the upper tier 8-10'.s

I focus on daygame and convenience game. I take classes, am in the gym, hiking, beach, and do yoga where I've been pulling. The first 3 months or so of game I was focused on cold approaching and getting a little obsessive. Recently it's been a nice medium where my other pursuits have taken priority, I've got a take it or leave it attitude, and the results are there.

My strength is the fun positive guy, charming yet cocky, sometimes a bit of a dick. Now when I've gone this direction with an 8 or above she seemingly "see's right through it" (poor inner game?). Have these upper tier girls seen this type of game over and over and are just sick of the BS? I don't feel I'm putting on a show as this type of approach to game fits perfectly into my personality and vibe. With these HQ women I feel honesty, availability, direct (w/o too much emotional investment) is the way to go. Maybe 8/9's in big cities are looking for older men to take care of them? I don't know. I've hit a roadblock and a feel ready to jump tiers. Any advice or feedback on the difference between gaming 7's to 8's/9's?

Higher Quality Females

From my experience upper tier girls are way better at sniffing out bullshit than the less attractive ones. Not that they have amazing 6th sense but rather that they have their ways to expose whether guy is real or fake. Being cocky/dick might be your true personality trait and that's totally fine but the problem is that very often they think it's a pose or your way of overcompensating for something that you lack.

From what I know the difference between less and more attractive girls is that the latter ones need to see way more consistency from you. They need to see over a bit longer period that you are cool calm and collected and that you can stay that way under some pressure [lack of sings of interest or her being passive] or when you face a challenge [her calling you out or giving you lmr]. The key skill is to have end goal in mind at all times and stay cool. If you can do that then time is your friend.

Basically it takes more patience, character and balls to get those HQ girls. Good news is that they want you to be that way, they want you to be "the man", to lead and never take any bullshit from them [often times they throw their bullshit on purpose for you to step up to them]. To me it's very different game than talking typical sweet girl next door.

Higher Quality Females

Roosh did a post on that
check it out.

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