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Citizen Four-- Documentary on Snowden

Citizen Four-- Documentary on Snowden

I just saw this last night and it was amazing.

It was produced by the woman who was his first press contact, so you see the initial communications before _anyone_ knew who he was and what was going to happen.

You are there at the first meeting in a Hong Kong Hotel Room.

He explains there's more material than any one person can go over, and that he doesn't know what's dangerous to release ( I guess like agent's names etc) so he wants someone else to figure that out.

He was obviously very intelligent, and said he did it because they were capturing every phone call from anybody to anybody in the whole USA and he thought it was blatantly illegal.

I believe even if you think he's a big traitor, etc ( in his defense he has not been charged with treason, but has been with espionage felonies.) this is a fascinating insight .

There's some choice clips of officials lying through their teeth at Congressional hearings and looking pretty uncomfortable doing it.

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