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Business opportunity in Nicaragua? Canal project

Business opportunity in Nicaragua? Canal project

I have read about the project for the new canal in Nicaragua, going through the huge Nicaraguan lake.
Will be build by HKND a Chinese company, and there is some info saying Chinese government, Russian government and some others parties would also take part of it.
From what I understand the Chinese will have the concession for many years and then the Nicaraguan government will own it.
Its gonna be a hit for environment, the population in the area and all that... also for the US and his Panama canal but this is not about that...

Just wandering if any of you living in Nicaragua or having knowledge in the industry would enlighten us with some info.

What I'd love to know is how big the boom you think will be? in which cities or areas will be more important, Puerto Brito, Punta Aguila...?
Do you see many problems rising to do small/medium business? Is it late? You the canal think will be a failure?

I see it could have two phases; the first would be the construction itself, 50.000 workers would need many things and services, and second, once its done (they said 2020) for the tourism and services sector as the country grows.

I had in mind something easy, that wont need my presence all the time, and small, because I don't have much money... apartments for workers? hotel? Imports?
Residence is given easily for any $30.000 investment so not a problem, is there other main big problems you see?

Business opportunity in Nicaragua? Canal project

The canal is never going to happen unless China decides to finance it (doubtful).
If it happens, it will be an environmental disaster.

Business opportunity in Nicaragua? Canal project

If it happens we may have some decent looking girls down there in 18 years.

Just in time for me to start settling down.....a little bit.

Business opportunity in Nicaragua? Canal project

When the chinese do a project like this, they bring everything including labor and raw materials. There will be no local contracts let, the chinese workers will live in their own camps. There wont be jack shit for the locals to be involved.

Business opportunity in Nicaragua? Canal project

So much for the Monroe Doctrine....

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