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How Deep Is Your Cover ?

How Deep Is Your Cover ?

Quote: (08-29-2015 04:52 PM)lush1 Wrote:  

One thing I could never do is lie about my name. Job, age, town I live in yes but name would just feel too weird.

Age comes with the territory for a younger guy like me. If a girl says they are mid-20s, which often happens, I will put my age 2 years above theirs. I always keep my job, school, and the rest generally in line because it can be easy to forget if you're spinning stories all over the place.

Menace Wrote:
An experience is in her head and no guy can ever jizz on it.
Vaun Wrote:
Goldmund Wrote:
This was used a lot when I was young and really into the underground scene. I would invite girls to come back to listen to Fugazi records.
This is the first time in recorded history that Fugazi was used to remove panties.

How Deep Is Your Cover ?

I dont lie to hide things, but i tell chicks fake stuff all the time just to amuse myself.

Recently I've been saying I'm from South Africa. And since people like to ask 'what do you do?' rather then directly ask what your job is I tell them one of my hobbies.

As for names, depending on my mood I'll give them a nickname over my real name.

How Deep Is Your Cover ?

Quote: (08-28-2015 10:52 PM)Merenguero Wrote:  

Quote: (08-28-2015 09:28 PM)eatthishomie Wrote:  

Man making up a whole separate assumed identity just for running game seems excessive to me. I have never had a stalker though... are they that much of a problem?

In my experience, no. Women generally get the message after a few rejected calls and unanswered text messages.

That's not stalking. Not at all.

It's stalking when they come by your house repeatedly after you've broken up with them, and told them not to come by via phone, text, email. And then they start leaving things on your doorstep. And there's a good chance they follow you around to see your movements. And then leave voicemails saying they might break in and possibly kill herself.

I eventually moved.

Having said that, I've had no problems with any chick I've met online. I tell the ones who I am banging regularly and who I trust.

How Deep Is Your Cover ?

The only fake name I ever use is Tom. The reasoning sounds bizarre but I never introduce myself as Tom, if I introduce myself I use my actual name. I just get named it every time I go out so just roll with it. For online my Tinder is my actual name and POF is a made up variation of my name.

Only time I ever used "elaborate" backstories was in Ireland and that is entirely me rolling with their suggestions. Kind of goes like this.

"Hey you look really smart, are you a businessman?"
"Yeah I'm a businessman"

I don't feel any need to lie but at the same don't feel the need to tell the truth. Being vague and letting their imagination come up with their own conclusions is enough for me.

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