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Dylan Lauren hires Surrogate to have her kids

Dylan Lauren hires Surrogate to have her kids

Dylan Lauren, the daughter of Ralph Lauren hired a surrogate mother to have her children.

1. At the wall/post wall woman ( 41 years old) regretting she never had kids because she's a 'go grrrrl" careerist - Check.

2. Indicative of today's selfish Western 'I can have it all' woman who is so focused on career she can't take time to be bothered with a pregnancy - Check.

Apparently she was so 'stressed with her schedule' and 'traveling around the globe' and her career that she just didn't have the time to do what nature created her for and biology intended her for: To have children and rear them while the man works.

[Image: q568q.jpg]

At least there's one positive, for the husband; Her body didn't get stretched out by childbirth. Of course, for a woman who's 41 anyway, that's not much consolation.

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