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Mr Finish 100 approach thread

Mr Finish 100 approach thread

I've been a pansy when it comes to approaching lately; getting online dates aren't as rewarding so I'm starting this thread to keep me accountable for approaching every day. I have a number of errands to run today so it's a perfect time to start. Critique welcomed.

Mr Finish 100 approach thread

Little late, but here we go.
Last night I'm standing outside a restaurant waiting for a friend.

I spot a cute Australian blonde coming out reaching for her cigarettes.

Me: have another?

Her: sure

Me: where are you from?

We banter back and forth. My friend's taking a while, but I'm glad, he might ruin it. She's checking into her hotel ( which I try and weasel my way into) soon.

She says let's meet for a drink tomorrow and I make out close.

We'll see what happens today.

Mr Finish 100 approach thread


I'm walking to the gas station with my friend to buy some Heineken .
I see a thick Hispanic chick getting out of her car so I tell my friend to go ahead and quickly spark up a cigarette to make my loitering out front seem justified.

Me: excuse me

Her: hey, what's up?

Me: could I ask you something? ( I motion for her to come towards me)

Her: (walking over) sure

Me: I've got nothing hah, I just thought you're cute. What're you up to tonight?

Blah blah

Number close. Setting something up for this weekend.

Mr Finish 100 approach thread

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Vice-Captain - #TeamWaitAndSee

Mr Finish 100 approach thread

He's called "Mr Finish" cuz he sees the play out to its glorious ending.

Mr Finish 100 approach thread

I see two girls eating on a bench.

I open

Me: Hi, I'll be your waiter this evening, how is everything

Them: haha great thanks. What about our drinks?

Me: Well the martinis will be provided at my friend house.

my russian friend comes over and we chat for a bit. I get a number but I honestly don't see it going anywhere. I did a few approaches buzzing but I won't count those. Only day game approaches.


I see two chicks in a restaurant seated by themselves (One white with brunette hair, one middle eastern) and I slowly make my way up.

me: You guys look like your having the most fun out of anyone here (it's day, but a lounge type place)

them: blah blah blah. The white girl was being a total bitch. I was told how handsome I was several times that same hour so I felt like I shouldn't waste my time on her. I invite my friend over and he is a lot more patient than I am but ends up getting nowhere; oh well.

Mr Finish 100 approach thread

I'm headed back to my place from down town.
I see a cute, doll looking Japanese girl walking a little ahead of me. I time it so that we wait at the cross walk together.

Me: do you know where to get WiFi?

Her: not sure. Starbucks?

Me: yeah, tried it. Wasn't working... Where are you from?

Her: Japan, and you?

Me: here... What city in Japan?

Her: Fukushima

Me: oh really?

Her: you know it?

Me: of course!

Blah blah and ramble
By this time we're stopped on the sidewalk

This sounds crazy, but have coffee with me tomorrow.

Her: do you have a number?

As I'm leaving her I hold her hand for about 15 seconds

Me: we're gonna have fun tomorrow ( I say with a wink)

She giggles and we part ways.
This chick was easily an 8, so I had a small grin as I walked away.

Mr Finish 100 approach thread

Didn't run day game this weekend.
Waking up early tomorrow to beat the heat (which makes me irascible) and hit some of the upscale coffee shops in my neighborhood.
Going to bring a tablet and a book and not leave until I have some new prospects.
Girls are chatty in the morning.
The ones that make it to a coffeeshop around 6 aren't in a rush to get anywhere.
Will report details tomorrow.

Mr Finish 100 approach thread

I really like your opening lines. If you are running day game, don't linger too long in one place. It gets to the point where you are just waiting for someone who passes your boner test to walk in to automatically approach. That will come off as robotic. Mix it up and hit up different venues. Your openers are great so you should be able to swing it wherever you are.

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Mr Finish 100 approach thread

Thanks, there's some new places I'm checking out today.
They seem to attract the young yoga goers, so I've gotta push all my chips to the center of the table and make something happen.

Mr Finish 100 approach thread


I'm waiting for the bus.
I have one of my prop cigarettes on me.
I see a cute girl about to light up.

Me: got a light?

Her: matches

Me: that'll do

I see her name tag at the restaurant she works at

Me: love that place, how'd you like it?

She loves it.

She asks where I'm from and I return the question.

I joke about how we're rebles smoking in a no smoking zone.

Me: you must be trouble

Her: you must be too, you're smoking!

Me: I have a free pass

I get her number as we're jumping on the bus

She walks passed plenty of open seats to find a place we can sit together

Everything is going great, until a fag I know, and dont like (he knows this) strides over and steals the conversation.
I can tell she doesn't want to talk to him, but he doesn't.
He regards me and I just look away.

I got off before them and I bet he's filling her head with lies, but fuck it, this looks like a potential bang.

Mr Finish 100 approach thread

Gotta say, Mr finish, your approaches are solid.

I especially like the 'you must be trouble' line. Girls love the feeling of doing something forbidden and having someone acknowledge it.

Good job.

Mr Finish 100 approach thread

delete wrong thread

Mr Finish 100 approach thread

I've had some acne flare up the past week and didn't feel comfortable approaching so I'm going to make up for lost time.

Mr Finish 100 approach thread

I'm out looking for prospects when I see an old coworker.
We were never close but get a long conversation going, she looks good.

Her friend pops up and we all start talking.

Her: how do you know each other?

Me: we, uh, served in the peace corps together

Her: wait.... She was never in the peace....

Coworker: he's just fucking with you

Me: just having some fun. What's your game plan for tonight?

Them: just going back to IV

Me: how about we grab a drink at X bar?

They're underage but we make loose plans to get together another time.

Mr Finish 100 approach thread

I'm sitting I Starbucks and I see an off duty Barista I know.
She's in a huge group, so I'm hesitant to open.

She comes over to me.

I wasn't expecting this because we barely know each day other.
This isn't really an approach but fuck it.

Her: hey where have you been?

Me: I don't work down here anymore

Her: oh, where do you work

Me: nowhere at the moment haha

We talk like we've known each other forever

She's 19 and fit in tight gym clothes

I number close and we make plans to chill this weekend

Mr Finish 100 approach thread

I see a hot asian with a dweeb. Sexy, tall, glasses and high socks with short shorts.

Me: Hi, is this your boyfriend?

Her: no, why?

Me: I thought you're cute, we should grab coffee

Her: I'm dating someone

Me: that's chill

The guy she was with gave me props


I see a girl with a kickball shirt. She's white, blond with a fat ass

Where'd you get that shirt

Her: I'm on a team!

Me: oh cook

We walk for a bit and I stop

Me: want to see a trick?

Her: sure

I hold up both hands

Me: watch my hands

I go I'm for the makeout and get her number
Meeting her this weekend.

Mr Finish 100 approach thread

I'm walking down town and I spot a 7, brunette, white about to come my way

Me: know where the nearest pet shop is?

Her: five points?

Me,: where the hell is that?

We start talking about what we're doing down town and she's laughing at everything I say.
I don't have my phone on me, so I tell her to follow me into the nearest store.
I walk up to the counter.

Me: Can I get a pen and paper?

I get one and turn to the girl

Me: put your number down, I'll let you get me coffee some time. Depending on how I feel I might split a scone with you or something

Her: wow haha okay

Number close and I move on

Mr Finish 100 approach thread

Awesome lines. Are you also noting failed / blowout approaches? Because you seem to have a high rate.

Mr Finish 100 approach thread

I haven't had any rejections out right until yesterday ,( got a few,) but sometimes illmget the number and they won't text back but it's rare.


I'm at a college and approaching with a Friend.
He doesn't want to approach so I pop things off.
I see a blonde sitting alone , who's about a 7 with a nice rack.

Me hey

Her: Hi

Me: do you know where I can get WiFi?

Her blah blah

We talk about where we're from, and things are going fine, until I ask for the number.

Her: that's actually my fiancée coming

Me: is that a no?


A friend my girl said was hot happens to walk by us again. I tell him to go for it but he's scared because she's with a friend.

Excuse me?

Her yes?

I drop my WiFi line

We get to talking about how she's from Japan and I drop bait that I've lived there. This increases her interest. Tight asian body with nice rack.

Me: you're cute we should grab coffee sometime

Her: yes I'd like that

I walk into a woman's clothing store and act under the pretense of getting my sister a gift.
There's an 8 behind the counter, nice rack, perfect face, banging body, and she turns out to be 18.

We talk about her ring size and this gives me the chance to hold her hand while I put rings on her " trying to find my sisters size"

After a while I tell her we should grab coffee. She looks at her co worker who says " get it girl!" And she smiles and writes her number down and gives it to me

#14 I see some Hungarian girls and approach their group.

Me: you girls have a different look, are you from around here?

Them: no blah blah

They're leaving at 5am back but their friend who lives here pops up
I invite her out for a drink but she has a boyfriend

Me: he can come too, I'm still going to flirt with you
She reluctantly mgives mplans Number.


I see a 7 sitting down

Me: hey, what's up?

Her: what?

Me: what're you up to?

Her: leave me alone

Me: you're always
And i take a!seat near her to not give her the satisfaction of me shame walking away.


I approach right after this blowout

A Chinese 8 who is looking sexy is coming my way.

I approach

Hey, I like your look, where are you!from?

Her: china, and you?

We talk about the differences and how she's on vacation here visiting her boyfriend.
Me: well that doesn't mean we can't grab a coffee and chill ( we're holding hands as I say this)
Her: I would but it wouldn't be fair to him.

I'm at a lounge (not drinking) and run into a 9 thats a chef.
Me: nice dress, you look sexy
Her: you're really attractive
Me: I guess we have that in common, what are you doing here?
Her: karaoke, you?
Me: I want to take you out, there's something about you I like
Number close, make plans

Not a bad day of daygaming

Mr Finish 100 approach thread

I was pretty lazy today but my friend pulls me out tonight.
I'm not really in go mode, and not drinking, but I spot a familiar looking girl, turns out we matched on Tinder.
We joke around and I try to get her back to her psd in IV but her friend is kind of cock blocking.
I get the number and we agree to meet up for a drink Tuesday.
I'm feeling pretty good, I was going through a rough patch and now I've got four dates this week alone!
I appreciate the feed back guys

Mr Finish 100 approach thread

I'm very forward, so although I usually get a number, I get rejected by them not texting back or the conversation dwindling. If a girl doesn't text me back I delete the number, but from what I've seen on here I should wait a week and try again.

Update: going out with #17 tomorrow.
It's raining, no indoor malls here, bad approach weather?

+1 to midnitespecial
No fap + superdosing zinc a few days makes me feel like I have two boulders in my pants, and the confidence to match.

Mr Finish 100 approach thread

Been in the hospital over a week.
I get home and prepare an outfit (no homo).

I'm feeling rusty.
An hour later I'm at whole foods. I'm piling bottles of Evian into my cart and my friend and I are discussing how to pronounce it.

A cute blonde, about twenty four, is walking by.

Me: excuse me

Her: hey

Me: we had a bet going on here, is this pronounced ay-vee-ahn or eh-vee-ahn

Her: uhh, I'm not sure.


I'm at the library at a local campus.

I see two swedes as I make my way in.

I pass them and let them notice me first.
I'm wearing a tailored slim fitting j crew Oxford, slim fitting navy blue chinos and freshly polished brown oxfords. They notice me while I pretend to look at books near them.
With a confused countenance I turn to them and ask: "can I leave these anywhere, or do I have to put them back", grinning like a bastard, they smile too.

Swede: well I think you...

Boom! Some fag at the next table jumps up and goes to great lengths to help/cockblock me. Momentum is lost and I eject.

I step outside and see a slim blonde with a nice rack and cute face heading the opposite direction as me. I start walking her way and find her sitting on a bench in the shade. I run into a few acquaintances and talk for a minute. I walk over to her.

Me: hey, what's up?

Her: just getting out of the sun

Me: yeah its hot right? Look, is your WiFi working?

Her: I'm not sure

Blah blah

Me: you've been helpful, we should chill sometime

Her: that sounds okay

Number close.

Really need advice on opening in crowded places. I feel like I can usually only do it out of ear shot.

Mr Finish 100 approach thread

I roll solo to a lounge tonight.
I'm dressed sharp and I sit next to two hot blondes.
They ask me their opinion on something dumb, and I give an ambiguous answer.
They buy me a drink and invite me outside to chill with them.
One friend is too drunk and ruining things but I got the hot friends number followed by a kiss. Not much but I'm glad I rolled solo because I usually don't

Mr Finish 100 approach thread

Good work.
Keep it up.

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