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Article on Ghosting

Article on Ghosting


I had honestly never heard this terminology before. It makes sense though. If you have no interest in ever seeing her again, what is the point in having further contact with her?

Article on Ghosting

Fixed the link for you

From the article;
After the one date in Chicago: crickets. “He fell off the face of the planet,” said Ms. Scotti, who didn’t see him again until he moved into her building in Brooklyn with his girlfriend three years later. The silent treatment continued, Ms. Scotti’s former flame ignoring her even as they passed each other in the hallway.

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-Let's lead by example

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Article on Ghosting

2 types:

Ghosting someone - you kill them I.E. make them a ghost
Ghosting on someone - meaning you disappear and they become invisible to you.

Article on Ghosting

Most disturbing thing in this thread/article is that 2 of the 5 examples of "ghosted" couples are of male homossexuals.
This is a "The New York Times" article, mainstream media, the 2nd highest circulated newspapper in USA and one of the most circulated around the world, pushing down the throat of people the normality in this relations.

Article on Ghosting


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